A Visit to Neverland Tea Salon

On New Year’s Eve 2013, I visited Neverland Tea Salon with my friend, who is also a Oncer fan.

The sign above the tea salon

The sign above the tea salon

Neverland is a new English-inspired tea salon in Kitsilano with a Peter Pan (by J.M. Barrie) theme. It has its own tea selection, many of which bore Peter Pan-inspired names. I did not get the chance to smell each caddy, though I would have liked to. I settled for ‘Take Me To Neverland’ tea latte, which tasted similar to London Fog.

A wall of tea caddies

A wall of tea caddies

This was a rather small tea salon, much like La Petite Cuillère, but very popular. I would recommend reserving a table in advance. Since I did not have the chance to try their afternoon tea ($30 for ‘High Tea’), I can’t really recommend anything specific. I had a breakfast sandwich (with green salad) from their Brunch Menu, which was good but I felt the price was a bit more than I would have liked to spend. I’d initially though it was soup and sandwich but I ended up with salad instead of soup. :-/ The average item starts from $11+. Aside from tea, Neverland also has a Lost Boys’ Bar with tea-infused cocktails (looks like Urban Tea Merchant isn’t the only one anymore!), as well as beer and wine.

Quote from 'Peter Pan'

Quote from ‘Peter Pan’

This is a cute place to take your little ones to or to enjoy some tea with your friends. I hope there will be more like it for it’s always nice to be transferred to another world. 🙂

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