Irish Pubs in Munich

Today I am presenting you with the 3 Irish pubs I visited for St. Paddy’s:

1. Kilian’s – Marienplatz

  • basement; also patio. Pub shared with Australian pub, Ned Kelly’s
  • Ceili dances every 1st Monday of the month

2. The Irish Folk Pub – Giselastraße

  • L-shaped, charming interiors (gives you a “travel bug” feel)

3. Shamrock – Giselastraße

  • bigger than last 2 pubs.
Please check their websites for menus, prices, etc.
Click here for other Irish pubs in Munich.

Asking for Forgiveness: A Visit to a Russian Orthodox Church

I visited the Russian Orthodox church in Munich this evening. I learned quite a bit from my colleague about:

  • the significance of the church’s foundations/location (alter faces the east because that’s where the sun rises; we the people come from the west)
  • signing/crossing oneself (3x, then bowing or touching the ground)
  • kissing the icons (or pressing one’s cheek to it)
  • difference between and the significance of the different Mary & Jesus icons

This service was for the asking of forgiveness before Lent. If I remember correctly, Russian Orthodox Christians begin Lent that day (as opposed to Ash Wednesday – on the 8th of March this year).

Munich: The Alpine Museum

This museum turned out to not be part of the 1€ Sunday museums.  It is 4,50€ for adults but 3€ for students.  There are only 4-5 rooms to see in this white Baroque building.  It focuses on life in the Alps, primarily the Jewish community before-during-after the war, as well as the Nazi period.

I think it was worth 1€ but perhaps they need donations — for what, I know not.