Period Dramas: TV Series

A list of period dramas / historical dramas / costume dramas made for TV and includes TV series, mini-series, and TV movies. These include BBC Period Dramas and ITV Period Dramas. Newly added titles will be bolded.

For fantasy/fairytale films with an unspecified time period, please see Costume Dramas: Fairytales/Fantasy.

** Please note that this page has not been updated since 2017. Please refer to the period drama posts for updated listings! **

Medieval (500-1485)

Tudor & Elizabethan (1485-1603)

Stuart (1603-1714)

Georgian/Regency (1714-1837)

Victorian (1837-1901)

Edwardian (1901-1910) / 1911-13

The Great War / WWI (1914-1918)

1919 / Roaring 20’s – Great Depression / 1930’s

WWII (1939-1945)

Post War (1946-60’s)

28 thoughts on “Period Dramas: TV Series

    • Oh looks like my reply never made it to you:

      TV series? I liked Aristocrats (if I remember correctly, it spans a few decades) and just about every BBC adaptation of Jane Austen’s novels. My favourite is Northanger Abbey.

  1. how have you not seen 2007 mansfield park and 2009 sense and sensibility (especially SoS… SO good)

    as a period drama lover, there are so many “haven’t seen”s on your list that you have to see!
    – north and south
    – bleak house
    – anne of green gables (what?!?!)
    – daniel deronda
    – the way we live now
    – wives & daughters

    others i’ve enjoyed/love but wouldn’t necessary say are “must see”s:
    – the scarlet pimpernel (love the book, but the world is in desperate need of a newer movie version)
    – the musketeers
    – the incredible journey of mary bryant
    – under the greenwood tree
    – hatfields & mccoys
    – the bletchley circle
    – cranford
    – little dorrit

    • I started Sense & Sensibility (2009) but I had to stop halfway, for whatever reason. Based on what I had seen so far, I still prefer the movie with Kate Winslet as Marianne. What do you think?

      I’ve finally seen North & South and I loved it. I read Anne of Green Gables and yes, I’m quite surprised I haven’t found the time to watch any of the film adaptations! Although I haven’t seen The Scarlet Pimpernel, I did read the book at least 10 years ago and I was really hoping that there’d be a newer film by now.

      Don’t worry, I will catch up! 😉

  2. Sorry, but what do all the colours mean! It’s a great list btw, but I’ve spent a lot of time trying to infer the coding system lol

  3. Since you are German, can you recommend some good German period drama, made in the last 20 years.
    Love you so much!

    • Oh goodness, there are so many! I liked Young Goethe in Love, Lessons of a Dream, A Woman in Berlin, Sophie Scholl, Downfall… I haven’t seen Beloved Sisters yet but the trailer looks good. I didn’t enjoy Ludwig II but the costumes and setting are worth watching. I hope that helps!

      • I have seen all of these, anything new? preferably 18th and 19th century. like Beloved sisters! Something romantic would be best!

      • I have seen all of these, anything new? preferably 18th and 19th century. like Beloved sisters! Something romantic would be best!

      • Have you seen “Ku’damm 56”? It was recently shown on TV. A great piece about a family with three daughters living in 1950s Berlin and earning their living with a dancing school. I know it’s not period in the sense of 18th, 19th century but very, very good!!

      • Hello Mina! Thank you very much for letting me know about this post-war drama set in Berlin! I just watched the trailer so I’m going to add it to the list and see if I can find a link to watch it.

  4. Hi Lady & The Rose I Am A Huge Period Fan Person Thanks To Downton Abbey I Am Fan Of Medieval And Victorian & Edwarian Era And I Want To Ask If You Know Some Great Period Dramas I Will Be Very Thankful If You Know

  5. I’m trying to remember a TV series from probably the early 2000s set in 1940s I think. It was about family, working class, some of it was quite dark. It was a popular Sunday night viewing much like lark rise was. Any thoughts? It’s so annoying when you can’t quite remember the name of something.

    • Hi Barbara, I’m sorry I never saw this comment until now. I’m afraid I’m not aware of the TV series you’re trying to remember the name of. Did you remember what it was called (during these last 10 months)?

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