About The Lady & The Rose

Welcome to my blog! Willkommen auf meinem Blog! Bienvenue sur mon blog!

Dear wanderer,

You have found yourself in my world and can’t seem to make sense of these random portals. Take a look at the navigation glossary and continue on your way! 🙂

Navigation Glossary

  • World of Costume: Anything to do with costumes, be it for dress-up or period dramas or Disney (and fantasy too)! Check sub-pages for costumed movies, TV series, music videos, promos  & commercials, as well as costumed performing arts (ballet, opera, musical theatre, stage theatre). I’ve also included royalty portrayed in film and historical fiction in this category.
  • Beauty*: Make-up, skin & hair care, self-image, and more.
  • Fashion: Dresses, hats, shoes, accessories – historical to present day.
  • Travels: Tourist(y) sites & info in Canada & Europe (including the UK). Includes royal residences in Europe.
  • Lifestyle: My thoughts, opinions, activities, recommendations, and more.
  • Shop: Items from my closet and home that you might like.

What do all these topics have to do with with each other?

Although this blog is dominantly a period drama source, I believe that all my interests (costumes & costume dramas, health & beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel) are related. They all have to do with beauty:

  • makeup, health, and inner beauty: the beauty of making ourselves beautiful inside and out
  • costumes & fashion: the beauty of historical, theatrical, and formal clothing and accessories
  • costume dramas & historical fiction: the beauty of an imaginary world or a time we wish we’d lived in
  • philanthropy & environment: the beauty of caring for or supporting the disadvantaged and the earth in which we live
  • travel, culture, languages: the beauty of discovering new places, cultures, and languages in the world

About the Blogger

  • Why I started this blog
    • This was and still is my space to perfect my writing skills. I started blogging for the Duke of Edinburgh Award – Skills section (2006 – 21 July 2013).
    • Prior to deleting Facebook, I kept my friends updated on upcoming period dramas by sharing Enchanted Serenity’s Facebook page posts. After I deleted my account in 2013, I created my period drama pages to keep myself updated on all the past and upcoming historical/costume dramas. Now I dedicate the majority of my blogging time to my period drama pages and posts.
  • Who is the Lady? Like many little girls, I adored [the late] Diana, Princess of Wales, and the classic Disney Princesses. Inspired by their gracefulness and especially their kind heart, I was determined to become a princess. When I realised that I might never become a princess (for lack of beauty), I decided that I would become a lady: to move as gracefully as a ballerina and to treat everyone with love with love and respect.
  • My favourite flower is the Rose. I prefer blood-red roses also like Classic Cezanne roses. The Rose also symbolises Christ, without whom I would not be here today.
  • I love history so I try to do my best to learn about and share the history of buildings, beauty and fashion brands I enjoy.
  • *Beauty Review Facts:
    • Lashes: straight, sparse
    • Hair: never dyed, digitally permed in 2015, naturally straight, medium (between fine and coarse)
    • Skin type: combination (oilier in T-zone) – oilier during summer and normal/dry during winter, no wrinkles, minimal breakouts, dark spots
    • Skin tone: medium : YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat in Beige 30 (winter/spring) | Lancôme Teint Visionnaire in 250 Bisque (summer tan) | Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser in Bisque (winter) | Vichy Normaderm Teint in 25 Nude (winter)
  • I grew up as a Third Culture Kid and am currently located in Munich, Germany.
  • Due to my upbringing, I use Canadian/British English spelling and words.
  • I will be one of the few, if not the only, bloggers who will never be using Facebook as a social medium. I am done with it. Read why here.

Other blog: Little Europe in Vancouver: An online European community/guide in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Twitter now run by another user.

Contributor for:

I was The Glosse Posse Beauty ‘Expert’ from April 2013 – May 2014.