Upcoming Period Dramas 2023 – Future

Welcome to the 10th annual Upcoming Period Dramas post (a list of historical dramas and costume dramas set in a specific time period)!

This year’s featured photo won’t be featuring a couple. This photo is from The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing this for 10 years now. It all began with this post for Period Dramas coming out in 2013 (and what wonderful historical dramas there were!), when it was just a list of films in alphabetical order with trailers. It was then followed by a Review of all the Period Dramas I had seen in 2013.

I would like to thank my faithful visitors for your support and for informing of me of upcoming period dramas that I have missed! I apologise that I am still terrible at responding so thank you very much for your patience!

The following list is in chronological order (alphabetical where no date is specified) by release date and will be updated as more films and release dates are known. For a complete list of all period dramas, you can visit my my imdb lists.

Last updated: 5 June 2023

January 2023

6 January 2023 UK | Early 2023 US (PBS) – BBC One’s Father Brown S10 (TV Series)
10 episodes. Renewed for S11.

6 January 2023 | 23 December 2022 US (cinema – limited) – Netflix’s The Pale Blue Eyes (Movie)
Gothic horror movie based on Louis Bayard’s novel set in 1830. Veteran detective Augustus Landor (Christian Bale) and Edgar Allan Poe, a young cadet at the United States Military Academy in New York, investigates a series of murders at the academy.

6 January 2023 Canada (CBC) | 28 Nov 2018 UK (BBC Two) / 26 Nov 2018 Ireland (RTE One)Death and Nightingales (TV miniseries)
Based on the 1992 novel of the same name. Set in Ireland in 1885.

7 January 2023 Canada (Crave) | 22 April 2022 – The Northman (Movie)
Viking saga set in Iceland at the turn of the 10th Century.

8 January 2023 @ 9pm US/Canada (Masterpiece PBS) | 15 September 2022 @ 9pm UK – Channel 5’s All Creatures Great and Small S3 (TV Series)

8 January 2023 US/Canada  (Masterpiece PBS) | 14 December 2022 UK – BBC Two’s Vienna Blood S3 (TV Miniseries)

12 January 2023 – Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla S2 (TV Series)

19 January 2023 | 12 September 2022 France – Netflix’s Les Combattantes / Women at War (TV Series)
Eight-part drama set in France in 1914 (during WWI) about four women who cross paths.

20 January 2023 UK | 23 December 2022 US/Canada Babylon (Movie)
Set in Hollywood in the late 1920s as it was transitioning from silent films to talkies with a mix of historical and fictional characters.

23 January 2023 UK/US/Canada | 25 December 2022 Norway – Netflix’s Narvik (Movie)
Set in Narvik (a small town in Norway) in April 1940 about Hitler’s first defeat. 

27 January 2023 Canada (Crave) | 13 October 2021 FranceEiffel (Movie)
Fictional romantic drama about Gustav Eiffel and his childhood sweetheart, Adrienne Bourgès.

February 2023

3 February 2023 US (limited) | 1 December 2022 DenmarkGodland (Movie)
Set at the end of the 19th C about the struggles a young Danish priest encounters when he is sent to a remote part of Iceland to set up a new church.

11 February 2023 US (Ovation) | 19 January 2023 UK(Alibi) | 12 September 2022 Canada – CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries S16 (TV Series) ★★★★
Renewed for S17.

15 February 2023 – Netflix’s African Queens: Njinga (TV Series)
Four-part docudrama about Queen Njinga who ruled in Angola in the 1600s.

15 February 2023 – Netflix’s La Legge di Lidia Poët / The Law According to Lidia Poët (TV Series)
Six-part Italian legal/detective drama set in 1883 about Italy’s first female lawyer, Lidia Poët. Thank you, Mina!

15 February 2023 – Marlowe (Movie)
Based on John Banville’s novel The Black-Eyed Blonde about a private detective in LA hired to find the ex-lover of a glamorous heiress.

16 February 2023 UK – Sky’s Funny Woman (TV Series)
Six-part drama based on Nick Hornby’s novel of the same name. Set in 1964, Gemma Arterton stars as Barbara, a Blackpool beauty queen who finds her voice in a male-dominated world of television comedian in London.

March 2023

4 March 2023 UK (BBC Four) | 12 December 2022 France – Canal+’s Paris Police 1905 (TV Series)
The follow up series to Paris Police 1900.

6 March 2023 US | UK (Sky Atlantic) – HBO’s Perry Mason S2 (TV Series)

8 March 2023 (BritBox) | 8 December 2022 UK (ITVX) – ITV’s The Confessions of Frannie Langton (TV Series)
Four-part book-to-film adaptation by Sara Collins’ on race, class, and oppression set in the 19th Century. This murder mystery follows Frannie Langton, an enslaved woman from Jamaica who ends up in London and is accused of the double murders of her employers.

8 March 2023 – Star/Disney+’s El Grito de las Mariposas | The Roar of the Butterflies (TV Movie)
Inspired by true events about the events leading up to the murder of Dominican lawyer and activist, Minerva Mirabel, and her two activist sisters on the order of dictator Rafael Leónidas Trujillo.

16 March 2023 GermanySisi & Ich (Movie)
Film about Empress Sisi of Austria told from the point of view of her last lady-in-waiting, Irma Sztáray.

17 March 2023 US | Worldwide (Disney+) – Hulu’s Boston Strangler (Movie)
Set in the early 1960s about reporter Loretta McLaughlin (Keira Knightley) who became the first to connect the murders and broke the story of the Boston Strangler.

19 March 2023 @ 8pm US/Canada (PBS) | 1 January 2023 UK – BBC One’s Call the Midwife S12 (TV Series)
Set in 1968. Plus Christmas Special.

19 March 2023 @ 9pm US/Canada (Masterpiece) | UK (Britbox) – Masterpiece PBS’s Sanditon S3 (TV series)
Series finale.

19 March 2023 @ 10pm US/Canada (PBS) | 31 October 2022 France | 29 December 2022 UK (BBCTwo) – Canal+’s Marie Antoinette (TV Series)
Eight part series on the young Marie Antoinette. Starring Emilia Schüle as Marie Antoinette.

23 March 2023 Canada – CBC’s Macy Murdoch (TV Series) 
Eight-part Murdoch Mysteries spinoff on Detective William Murdoch’s 16-year-old time-travelling great-great-great-granddaughter who travels back in time to 1910 with her two friends to absolve Detective Murdoch of a murder he did not commit.

26 March 2023 UK (BBCOne) | US (Hulu) – BBCOne’s Great Expectations (TV Miniseries) ★★
Another BBC adaptation of Dickens’ novel (12 years after the 2011 BBC adaptation) with six episodes. This is inspired by the novel as it is ‘darker’ and the ending is very different (almost as if this is how it should have ended). Thank you, Harv!

April 2023

2 April 2023 – Netflix’s Krigsseileren | War Sailor (TV Miniseries)
Three-part Norwegian WWII drama about two merchant sailors who struggle to survive in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during Germany’s invasion of Norway.

5 April 2023 France The Three Musketeers – D’Artagnan (Movie)
Starring Eva Green as Milady de Winter, Vincent Cassel as Athos, etc. This French adaptation will include Hannibal, based on the true story of the first Black musketeer in France, Louis Anniaba.

7 April 2023 – Netflix’s Transatlantic (Movie)
Set during WWII about an American journalist in France who arranges safe passage for more than 2,000 refugees from France to the US.

7 April 2023 UK – CBBC’s Dodger: The Bad Egg (TV episode) 
Easter Special based on Oliver Twist’s Artful Dodger and Fagin’s gang. Set in London in the 1830s. Thank you, Harv!

11 April 2023 UK (Alibi) | 8 January 2023 @ 8pm US/Canada (Masterpiece PBS) – A+E’s Miss Scarlet and the Duke S3 (TV Series)
Renewed for S4.

14 April 2023 – Netflix’s The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die (Movie) ★★★
The Last Kingdom feature film following S5.

14 April 2023 – Amazon Prime’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S5 (TV Series)
Series finale.

28 April 2023 – Netflix’s Los pacientes del doctor García | The Patients of Doctor Garcia (TV Series)
Ten-part series set after WWII about Dr Garcia and Republic diplomat Manuel Arroyo who infiltrate a clandestine network that helps Nazis settle in Spain and Latin America.

28 April 2023 – Disney+’s Peter Pan & Wendy (Movie)
A live action film inspired by Peter Pan (1953 Disney animation).

May 2023

1 May 2023 – Disney+’s/National Geographic’s A Small Light (TV Miniseries)
Based on the true story of Meep Gies, the Dutch woman who risked her life to shelter Anne Frank’s family.

4 May 2023 – Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (TV Series)
Prequel about young Queen Charlotte. It will also feature the backstories of Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton.

11 May 2023 UK (ITVX) | 30 April 2023 @9pm US/Canada (Masterpiece PBS) – PBS/ITV’s Tom Jones (TV Miniseries) 
Four part miniseries set in the 18th Century based on Henry Fielding’s The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling.

12 May 2023 – Hulu’s The Great S3 (TV series)

14 May 2023 @ 9pm UK – BBCOne’s Ten Pound Poms (TV Series)
Six part drama set in Post-war Britain in 1956 about a group of Brits who set off for a new life in Australia.

16 May 2023 | France 2024 (Netflix) – Jeanne du Barry (Movie)
Biopic on Jeanne du Barry (played by Maïwenn), the last mistress of Louis XV (played by Johnny Depp).

26 May 2023Blood and Gold (Movie)
At the end of WWII, a German soldier looks for his daughter whilst the SS troop look for a Jewish treasure.

26 May 2023 – Disney+’s The Little Mermaid (Movie)
Live-action costume drama with 19th Century influences, starring Halle Bailey as Ariel and Jonah Hauer-King as Eric.

June 2023

2 June 2023 Canada – Bones of Crows (Movie)
Five-part hour-long series that is an expanded version of the film.

9 June 2023 UK | 21 April 2023 US Chevalier (Movie)
Based on the true story of composer Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, the illegitimate son of a French plantation owner and an enslaved African woman.

16 June 2023 US | 18 June 2023 Canada (W Network) – Starz’s Outlander S7 (TV Series) Just updated!
16 episodes. Renewed for S8.

18 June @ 9pm US/Canada (Masterpiece PBS) | 26 February 2023 UK – ITV’s Endeavour S9 (TV Series) ★★★★
Series finale with three episodes.

July 2023

9 July 2023 US/Canada (Masterpiece PBS) | 19 May 2023 UK – ITV’s Grantchester S8 (TV Series)

21 July 2023 USOppenheimer (Movie)
Cillian Murphy stars as American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the ‘father of the atomic bomb’.

30 July 2023 US – Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart S10 (TV Series)

August 2023

11 August 2023The Last Voyage of Demeter (Movie)
Based on the chapter ‘The Captain’s Log’ from Bram Stoker’s Dracula about the Demeter’s journey from Carpathia to London. Thank you, Labwuh!

18 August 2023 USWhite Bird: A Wonder Story (Movie)
A spin-off sequel/prequel of Wonder (2017) based on the graphic novel by R. J. Palacio. In this film, Julian’s grandmother tells him about her childhood as a young Jewish girl in France during WWII and the importance of kindness.

20 August 2023 US (MGM+) | 2023 UK – ITVX’s The Winter King (TV Series) Just updated!
10-part returning series based on Bernard Cornwell’s Arthurian novel.

September 2023

2/15 September 2023 UK – Wings of ’44 (Movie) 
Two WWII pilots crash-land in rural German-occupied France and are forced to seek refuge.

15 September 2023 – A Haunting in Venice (Movie)
Based on Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party and set in post-WWII Venice, the now retired Poirot reluctanctly attends a seance and must uncover killer.

October 2023

1 October 2023 Germany (Das Erste) | 14 October 2022 UK (Sky Atlantic) | 8 October 2022 Germany (Sky One) – ARD’s Babylon Berlin S4 (TV Series)
12 episodes set in 1930-31.

6 & 20 October 2023 – Apple+’s Killers of the Flower Moon (TV Series) Just updated!
Based on David Grann’s non-fiction book Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI about the series of 1920s Oklahoma murders in the Osage Nation and the FBI investigation by J. Edgar Hoover and Texas Ranger Tom White.

13 October 2023 – Apple TV+’s Lessons in Chemistry (TV Series) Just added!
Eight-part series based on the novel by Bonnie Garmus. Set in the early 1960s about a single mother who goes from a practicing chemist to a popular TV cooking show host who uses cooking to teach science to housewives.

November 2023

2 November 2023 – Netflix’s All the Light We Cannot See (TV Miniseries)
Four-part series based on Anthony Doerr’s novel set during WWII in Paris about a blind French girl, Marie-Laure, and a German soldier, Werner, whose paths collide as both try to survive.

22 November 2023 – Apple TV+’s Napoleon (Movie) 
Starring Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon and Vanessa Kirby as Empress Josephine.

December 2023

13 December 2023 France The Three Musketeers – Milady (Movie) 
Starring Eva Green as Milady de Winter, Vincent Cassel as Athos, etc. This French adaptation will include Hannibal, based on the true story of the first Black musketeer in France, Louis Anniaba.

25 December 2023 USThe Color Purple (Movie)
Musical adaptation of Alice Walker’s novel set in the early 1900s about the struggles of a Southern African American woman named Celie who eventually overcomes oppression and abuse.

Period Dramas 2023 – Beyond

Autumn 2023 | January 2024? US (Masterpiece/PBS) – Channel 5’s All Creatures Great and Small S4 (TV Series)

Late 2023 – Disney+’s The Artful Dodger (TV Series)
Eight-part series set in 1850s Australia on the double adult life of Oliver Twist‘s Dodger as a surgeon and thief.

Winter 2023 – EPIX’s Belgravia: The Next Chapter (TV Series) Just added!
Set in 1871, 30 years after the events in Julian Fellowes’ Belgravia (2020 TV Series and novel).

2023 – Netflix’s Bridgerton S3 (TV Series)
Based on ‘Romancing Mr. Bridgerton’.

2023-24 Canada (CBC) – Bones of Crows: The Series (Movie)
Five-part hour-long series that is an expanded version of the film.

2024 – BBC One’s Call the Midwife S13 (TV Series)
Plus Christmas Special.

2025 – BBC One’s Call the Midwife S14 (TV Series)

2026 – BBC One’s Call the Midwife S15 (TV Series)

2023? – Sky One’s Das Boot S4 (TV Series)

2024? – Netflix’s The Empress S2 (TV Series)
Six-part drama about Empress Elisabeth of Austria (aka Sissi). S1 will focus on her first few months as a young empress. Thank you, Svenja!

Early 2024 UK – BBC One’s Father Brown S11 (TV Series)
Set in 1955 with 10 episodes.

2023Firebrand (Movie)
Starring Alicia Vikander as Catherine Parr in a movie about Catherine Parr and Henry VIII’s marriage.

2023 – HBO’s The Gilded Age S2 (TV Series)

2023 – Netflix’s Midnight at the Pera Palace S2 (TV Series)
Eight-part drama about a present-day journalist who finds herself in a historic hotel in Istanbul in 1919 and must help stop a plot that could change the future of Turkey. Thank you Mireia!

2024? UK (Alibi) | 2024? US (Masterpiece PBS) – A+E’s Miss Scarlet and the Duke S4 (TV Series)

September 2023? Canada – CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries S17 (TV Series) Just added!

2023 – Amazon Prime’s My Lady Jane (TV Series)
Retelling based on the YA historical fiction by Cynthia Hand about Lady Jane Grey where Lady Jane saves herself and her kingdom.

2023? The Nightingale (Movie)
Adaptation of Kristin Hannah’s novel about two sisters in France during WWII. Starring sister actors Elle and Dakota Fanning.

2024 – Starz’s Outlander S8 (TV Series)
Series finale.

2024? – Peaky Blinders (Movie)
The PB finale set in WWII.

Winter 2023? Germany – RTL+’s Sisi S3 (TV Miniseries)

22 March 2024 – Disney+’s Snow White (Movie)
Starring Rachel Zegler as Snow White and Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen.

2023 UK – ITV’s Three Little Birds (TV Miniseries)
Six episodes written by Sir Lenny Henry who was inspired by his mother’s stories about leaving Jamaica in the 1950s for Great Britain.

2023 UK15 October 2023 US/Canada (Masterpiece PBS) – BBC One’s World on Fire S2 (TV Series)

Period Dramas in Development / Rumoured Period Dramas

  • Audrey Hepburn biopic (Movie)
    Starring Rooney Mara as Audrey.
  • BBC One’s Around the World in 80 Days S2 (TV Series)
  • Apple+’s Blitz (Movie)
    The stories of a group of Londoners during the bombing of London during WWII.
  • BBC’s Brideshead Revisited (TV Series)
    A remake of the 1945 novel by Evelyn Waugh with Cate Blanchett, Ralph Fiennes, Rooney Mara, etc. – Put on hold.
  • Netflix’s Bridgerton S4 (TV Series)
  • Apple TV+’s The Buccaneers (TV Series)
    Another adaptation of Edith Wharton’s novel set in the 1870s about five wealthy American girls who seek titled English husbands during the London Season. Thank you, Leilah!
  • Canyon del Muerto (Movie)
    Film produced by Tom Felton about one of the US’s first female archaeologists, Ann Axtell Morris, who worked the Navajo people in the 1920s to uncover the ancient Anasazi.
  • Catherine the Great (Movie)
    Starring Violetta Komyshan (potentially) or Keira Knightley as Catherine the Great.
  • Charlotte (TV Miniseries)
    Set in the South before the Civil War.
  • The Chess Machine (Movie)
    An action thriller written by Julian Fellowes based on true events. Set in late 18th Century Italy.
  • Corto Maltese (Movie)
    Set at the dawn of the 20th Century about Corto Maltese, the fictional sailor and adventurer by Italian comic book creator, Hugo Pratt.
  • Apple TV+’s The Custom of the Country (TV Movie)
    Adapted from Edith Wharton’s 1913 novel.
  • Starz’s Dangerous Liaisons S2 (TV Series) – shelved
  • The Critic (Movie)
    Based on Anthony Quinn’s Curtain Call novel. Period thriller set in London in 1934 about an actress who becomes entangled in a dark situation between the theatre critic and the paper’s editor. Thank you, Labwuh!
  • BBC One’s Death Comes As The End (TV Miniseries)
    Three-part adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel set in Ancient Egypt in 2000 BC.
  • Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde (Movie)
    Planned adaptation by Guillermo del Toro.
  • Starz’s Untitled Eleanor of Aquitaine Series (TV Series)
    A new series on Eleanor of Aquitaine based on Alison Weir’s Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life and Captive Queen.
  • BBC One’s The Elephant Man (TV Miniseries)
    Two-part drama on Joseph Merrick.
  • Emma and Nelson (Movie)
  • Emperor (Movie)
    Epic drama about a young girl who seeks revenge on Holy Roman Emperor Charles V after the death of her father.
  • Empire Rising (Movie)
    An adaptation of Thomas Kelly’s novel set in 1930’s Manhattan.
  • Five Arrows (TV Series)
    Set in the 19th Century about the Rothschild dynasty. Penned by Julian Fellowes.
  • Flying Horse (Movie)
    About photographer Eadweard Muybridge following the affair between his wife and another man.
  • Untitled Fred Astaire Biopic (Movie)
    Starring Tom Holland as Fred Astaire.
  • Frankenstein (Movie)
    Planned adaptation by Guillermo del Toro.
  • Freud’s Last Session (Movie)
    Set on the eve of WWII about Sigmund Freud (Anthony Hopkins)’s and C.S. Lewis’ (Matthew Goode) debate on God’s existence.
  • Untitled Gene Kelly Movie (Movie)
    Set in 1952 about a 12-year-old boy working at the MGM Lot who meets and befriends Gene Kelly. Starring Chris Evans as Gene Kelly (rumoured).
  • A Gentleman in Moscow (TV Series)
    Adaptation of Amor Towles’ novel about a Russian count who is under house arrest at the Hotel Metropol in Moscow from 1922-52.
  • RTVE’s Glow & Darkness (TV Series)
    About St Francis of Assisi and the historical figures during his lifetime.
  • ITV’s The Great Gatsby (TV Series)
    New adaptation by Michael Hirst with a more inclusive and diverse cast that will more accurately depict New York’s Jazz subculture and African American population.
  • Apple TV+’s Hedy Lamarr Project (TV Miniseries)
    Gal Gadot will portray Hedy Lamarr.
  • The Hood (Movie)
    Benedict Cumberbatch to star in a movie about the Peasants’ Revolt in England.
  • How to Stop Time (Movie)
    Adaptation of Matt Haig’s time-travelling novel, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • ABC Signature’s Josephine (TV Series)
    Ruth Negga will play Josephine Baker.
  • Josephine Baker’s Last Dance (Movie)
    Book-to-film adaptation of Josephine Baker’s Last Dance by Sherry Jones. Paula Patton will star in and produce the film. Thank you, Maaja!
  • Josephine and Napoleon (TV Series)
    Eight-part drama in English about Josephine (Berenice Bejo) and Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • The Lost Wife (Movie)
    Book-to-film adaptation of Alyson Richman’s novel set in Prague. Daisy Ridley stars as a Polish art student who is separated from her beloved during WWII.
  • Royal House of Savoy / Marie-José (TV Series) 
    Series on Marie-José, the last Queen of Italy from her days as a young Belgian princess to her marriage to Umberto (Umberto II).
  • Royal House of Savoy / Marie-José (Movie) 
  • Disney’s Marley (TV Movie)
    A musical version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ told through the eyes of Scrooge’s business partner, Marley.
  • Mary Anning & the Dinosaur Hunters (TV Miniseries)
    A two-part biopic on English fossil collector, Mary Anning, during the 19th Century.
  • Apple TV+’s Masters of the Air (TV Miniseries)
    Follow up to ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘The Pacific’ about the 8th Air Force during WWII. Nine episodes.
  • Mission to Paris (Movie)
    Based on the novel. Set in 1938 in Paris.
  • Masterpiece PBS’s Miss Austen (Miniseries)
    Four hour miniseries based on Gill Hornby’s novel about the lives and loves of Jane Austen and her sister Cassandra. Thank you, Gay!
  • Monaco: Part I – The Rock (Movie/TV Series?) Just added!
    Film on the origins of the Grimaldi royal family of Monaco. The first part will focus on the Grimaldi’s conquest of Monaco in the 13th Century and the beginning of the dynasty. To be produced by Grace Kelly’s grandsons, Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi, Pierre’s wife Beatrice, and Charlotte Casiraghi’s husband, Dimitri Rassam. Production to begin in 2024.
  • Masterpiece PBS’s Mrs. Churchill (TV Series)
    Five-part drama on Clementine, the wife of Winston Churchill.
  • New Amsterdam (Movie)
    About NYC when it was a Dutch settlement called New Amsterdam.
  • Apple TV+’s The New Look (TV Series)
    Inspired by true events and filmed exclusively in Paris, this film will explore Christian Dior’s rise to fame and his contemporary rivals, including Coco Chanel, Balmain, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent. Thank you, Valerie!
  • A Note of Explanation (?)
    Based on Vita Sackville’s novel about a time-travelling sprite who inhabits Queen Mary’s dollhouse in Windsor Castle.
  • Starz’s Outlander: Blood of My Blood (TV Series)
    Prequel that follows the love story of Jamie Fraser’s parents.
  • Hulu’s The Other Typist (TV Series)
    Set in 1924 in NYC at the height of Prohibition. Produced by and starring Keira Knightley.
  • The Personal History of Rachel Dupree (Movie)
    Based on the novel of the same name by Ann Weisgarber about an African-American couple, Rachel and Isaac Dupree, who raise their family in a ranch in the Badlands, South Dakota during the early 1900s. Starring Viola Davis, Quvenzhané Wallis, etc.
  • BBC’s A Place of Greater Safety (TV)
    Adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s historical fiction set during the French revolution.
  • Pride and Prejudice (Movie)
    A darker adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel.
  • Queen Charlotte (TV Series)
    Series on Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of King George III, who discovers she has ‘Moorish ancestry’.
  • Randi (Of Corset’s Mine) (Movie)
  • The Red Man’s View (Movie)
    Set during the American Civil War about a small Native American Shoshone Band who are forced from their land.
  • The Rising: 1916 (Movie)
    ‘Follows the events that led famine Ireland to free Ireland – the 1916 Easter Rising Rebellion and the driving force behind it, Seán MacDiarmada, hero to Michael Collins.’ – IMDB. Cast includes Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Brendan Coyle, Fiona Shaw, Michael Neeson (as Michael Collins), Colin Morgan, David O’Hara, etc.
  • Seacole (Movie)
    Biographical film set during the Crimean War about British-Jamaican nurse Mary Seacole (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) who cared for the wounded British soldiers.
  • 2023? US – Starz’s The Serpent Queen S2 (TV Series)
    Eight part series based on Leonie Frieda’s book Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France.
  • The Serpent and the Moon (TV)
    Julian Fellowes will pen a TV adaptation of Princess Michael of Kent’s novel about Catherine de Medici, Henri II of France, and Diane de Poitiers.
  • Sherlock Holmes 3 (Movie)
    Sequel to Sherlock Holmes 2 with Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock.
  • Sherlock Junior (Movie)
    Film on the early years of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Netflix’s Six Triple Eight (TV Movie)
    The true story about the all-Black and all-female 6888th United States Central Postal Batallion, an 855-member unit of the Women’s Army Corps.
  • Disney+’s The Sword in the Stone (Movie)
    A live-action film of the Disney cartoon; still casting.
  • BBC One’s Taboo S2 (TV Series)
  • ABC’s Timewasters (TV Series)
    A US remake of the British comedy series. Set in New York in 1926.
  • Disney’s Tower of Terror (Movie)
    Based on the Disney attraction set in a 1930s Hollywood hotel. Starring Scarlett Johansson.
  • Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla S3 (TV Series)
  • 2024? Norway – NRK’s Vintertronen / The Winter Throne (TV Series)
    Norway’s “The Crown” series based on the eight novels by Tor Bomann-Larsen about King Haakon VII of Norway and his journey to becoming king in 1905. Thank you, Royal Central!
  • Vivling (TV Series)
    Series on the personal and professional life of Vivien Leigh, starring Natalie Dormer as Leigh.
  • The War Rooms (TV Series)
    Focuses on the women who worked in Churchill’s secret bunker.
  • BBC Two’s Wolf Hall S2 (TV Series)
    Based on Hilary Mantel’s forthcoming novel, ‘The Mirror and the Light’ (published in March 2020).
  • A Woman of No Importance (Movie)
    Based on Sonia Purnell’s biography of Virginia Hall (Daisy Ridley), an American spy who worked for British intelligence during World War II.
  • Women in the Castle (Movie)
    Based on Jessica Shattuck’s novel about three widows of conspirators involved in the assassination attempt on Hitler who struggle with their past and Germany’s liberation.
  • Young Woman and the Sea (Movie)
    Biographical film about Trudy Ederle (Lily James) who became the first woman to swim across the English Channel. Currently filming.

Whilst you wait for the new dramas, you can visit Period Dramas 2022 to catch up on 2022 films.

16 thoughts on “Upcoming Period Dramas 2023 – Future

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  2. Not so much a drama but here in the UK we had both seasons of Blackish spin-off Mixedish about a younger Rainbow Johnson set in 1985. Imagine a mix of Blackish and The Goldbergs and you pretty much have Mixedish.

  3. Hello
    You might want to add „The Law According to Lidia Poët“, it is new on Netflix and takes place in Italy in the 1880s!

    • Thank you, Harv! I caught episode 2 on Sunday. Personally don’t think we need another adaptation, but it appears to be a BBC tradition to adapt a new GE series every decade or so. Is Dodger the one that came out on CBBC last year?

  4. France – Paris Police 1900 S2 (TV Series)
    S2 is already out! It is Paris Police 1905! Watched it on BBC Four in UK earlier this year, so assume was on in France prior to this.

    • Thank you, Esme! I just googled it and realised S2 is Paris Police 1905. I still haven’t watched S1 so I’ll have to catch up one day.

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