Netflix’s Bridgerton (2020) Film Locations

Netflix’s eight-episode Bridgerton (2020), the latest period drama to grace our screens, is the first of what could be many series of Julia Quinn’s eight-part Bridgerton historical romance novels set in Regency England. Based on Quinn’s The Duke and I, Bridgerton [S1] is predominantly set in London in 1813 during the reign of King George III. The TV series features locations all over England, many of which have been especially popular in recent period dramas. Here are some that I recognised from my visits, in order of appearance (E1-8). If you have not seen the series, you may not want to read the descriptions as it could contain spoilers.

Royal Crescent, the Cross Bath (Bath)

The sandy neoclassical architecture of Bath makes it ideal as town scenes of Regency London (more specifically, Grosvenor Square) although it can be easy to forget that this series is not set in Bath! Often seen from different angles are the Royal Crescent and the Cross Bath.

The Royal Crescent
The Cross Bath

Ranger’s House (London)

This is one of the English Heritage museum I have yet to visit but many viewers recognised the exterior of this Georgian villa as the Bridgerton residence, all covered with wisteria and other flowers!

Holburne Museum (Bath)

The exterior of Holburne Museum in Bath, the city’s first art gallery, stands is Lady Danbury’s residence, as seen in E1.

Holburne Museum

Hampton Court Palace (London)

Part of Historic Royal Palace’s Hampton Court Palace stands in as St James’s Palace, then the official and ceremonial royal residence. We see the carriages enter the Base Court of Hampton Court Palace and the debutantes enter the 1732 George II gateway in E1.

Hampton Court Palace – Base Court

Queen’s House (London)

The exterior of the 17th Century Queen’s House in Greenwich stands in as Somerset House in E3.

The Queen’s House

But also seen in E2 is the footpath (it may have another name) through Queen’s House where Simon punches Lord Berbrooke.

Painshill Park (Surrey)

The 158-acre 18th Century Painshill Park is a landscape garden in Surrey that was recently seen in ITV’s Vanity Fair.

In E2, the cameras focus on one white truss bridge whilst in E3, it transforms the arched bridge with flowers.

Lancaster House (London)

The interiors of Lancaster House appears to be the standard film location for Buckingham Palace. Once known as The Queen’s House, as it was the private residence of Queen Charlotte, Buckingham Palace assumed its current name in 1791.

Long Gallery

The Long Gallery is where Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton goes through to have tea with Queen Charlotte in E2 and where Simon and Daphne have an audience with the Queen in E5.

The Long Gallery

Music Room

The opulent Music Room with the lead crystal chandelier is another room in Bridgerton‘s Buckingham Palace. This is where Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton has tea with Queen Charlotte in E2 and where she and Daphne attend a reception by Prince Friedrich in E4.

The Music Room

Syon House (London)

The London residence of the Duke of Northumberland, Syon House stands in as part of Buckingham Palace and part of Simon’s ducal London residence.

The Great Hall

Great Hall

We see the checkered marble floor and part of the Great Hall as the Duke of Hastings’ London residence. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good photo of the floor!

The Long Gallery

The beautiful Long Gallery stands in as one of the halls of Buckingham Palace where we see Queen Charlotte walking down with her dogs in E5.

Syon House - Long Gallery

State Dining RoomState Dining Room

Viewers finally see ‘Mad King George’ in E5 dine with Queen Charlotte in Syon House’s State Dining Room. However, I can’t be sure if it’s supposed to stand in as a dining room in Buckingham Palace.

Inner Courtyard

If I’m not mistaken, I believe the Inner Courtyard of Syon House is the location of the Hastings Ball in E8. I recognise the staircase, white door, and rectangular windows.

The Duke of Hastings Ball
The Inner Courtyard. You can also see the lion on top! Syon House’s Inner Courtyard

Hatfield House (Hatfield)

The Jacobean Hatfield House is another popular period drama film location. We see the exterior and Great Hall as the location for one of the soirées in E4.

Hatfield House

Castle Howard (York)

Unfortunately, I have never been to Castle Howard in York but it is on the top of my list of historic houses to visit. This grand English Baroque residence stood in as the Hastings ducal seat, first seen in E6.

Buckingham Palace (London)

I can’t be sure if Buckingham Palace was a film location (is it even allowed?) or if this was just computer-generated. The top photo is a screenshot from Bridgerton and the photo on the bottom is my photo from my last visit in 2019.

Historic Chatham Dockyard – 3 Slip Cover (Chatham)

The boxing match in E8 takes place under the No 3 Slip Cover, which dates back to 1838. The Slip Cover was where warships could be constructed under cover.

No 3 Slip Cover


I hope you will have the chance to visit these places to admire the architecture and financially support these sites when it is safe to do so.

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