Upcoming Period Dramas 2019 – Future

It’s that time of year again to see the list of period dramas / historical dramas / costume dramas (with a specific time period) coming to our screens in 2019!

This year’s featured image is from ITV’s Victoria S3

This list is in chronological order (alphabetical where no date is specified) by release date and will be updated as more period/costume dramas and release dates are known. These titles will eventually appear in Period Dramas – Movies and Period Dramas – TV series once I have found a more efficient way to update the pages. You may be able to preview some of the trailers in Current & Upcoming Period Drama Trailers.  For historical/fantasy films, I try to add these in Costume Dramas: Fairytales/Fantasy unless there’s a specific period it covers.

In the meantime, visit Period Dramas 2018 to catch up on this year’s films before the year’s over! Films that I have seen are rated out of 5 stars. I will also include a one sentence review in lieu of reviewing all films in a separate post due to lack of time. I will continue to credit my readers who inform me of upcoming period dramas. Thank you very much for your help!

Top 10 Period Dramas of 2019

  1. Downton Abbey movie
  2. Call The Midwife S8
  3. Poldark S5
  4. Victoria S3
  5. Project Blue Book S1
  6. Sanditon
  7. Catherine the Great
  8. The Crown S3
  9. The Spanish Princess
  10. The Aftermath

Last updated: 5 November 2019

January 2019

1 Jan 2019 UK / 23 Nov 2018 USThe Favourite (movie) ★★★
Focuses on the politics behind the scenes of Queen Anne’s reign. Starring Olivia Colman as Queen Anne and Rachel Weisz as Sarah Churchill.
Review: Read my review in this post.

7 Jan 2019 UKFather Brown S7 (TV series)
Ten episodes.

8 Jan 2019 US/Canada (History) – Project Blue Book (TV series) ★★★★★
Ten-part drama set in 1952-69 about UFO investigations. Renewed for S2.
Review: Definitely a must-watch for 2019!

11 Jan 2019 UK / 28 Dec 2018 US – Stan & Ollie (movie)
About comedians Laurel and Hardy.

11 Jan 2019 US12 Oct 2018 Lithuania – Ashes in the Snow (movie)
Based on the novel by Ruta Sepetys. Set in 1941 about an aspiring artist and her family who are deported to Siberia.

11 Jan 2019 US Aspern Papers (movie)
Based on Henry James’ novella set in Venice in 1885. Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson, etc.

11 Jan 2019 US / 8 Feb 2019 UK – On the Basis of Sex (movie)
Biopic on (Supreme Court Justice) Ruth Bader Ginsburg from the 1950-70’s when she fights a case on sex discrimination.

18 Jan 2019 UK / 7 Dec 2018 US / 14 and 21 Dec 2018 Canada – Mary Queen of Scots (movie) ★★★
This movie will be written by Michael Hirst (The Tudors) and stars Saoirse Ronan as Mary.
Review: The hair and jewellery really bothered me but I liked the idea of the two queens meeting in person.

19 Jan 2019 US (Lifetime)Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story (TV movie)

25 Jan 2019 UK/Ireland/Canada/US (Netflix) / 23 Oct 2018 Italy (Rai 1) – Medici: Masters of Florence / The Magnificent (TV series) ★★★★
Eight episodes set 20 years after the end of Medici: Masters of Florence. This series focuses on Cosimo’s grandson, Lorenzo Medici. Renewed for S2 and S3.
Review: Not quite as binge-worthy this time probably because Contessina stole the first series, although she does appear in Medici: The Magnificent as an elderly grandmother. Still, worth watching for the locations.

25 Jan 2019 UK / 26 Sept 2018 France – Un peuple et son roi / One Nation, One King (movie)
The French Revolution told from the ordinary people’s point of view.

25 Jan 2019 US / 26 Oct 2017 GermanyThe Invisibles (movie)
Set in Berlin during WWII about four young Jews.

29 Jan 2019 US / 25 Nov 2018 Norway (Sundance) – Sonja: The White Swan (movie)
Set in the 1930’s about world renowned Norwegian figure skater, Sonja Henie, who decides to become a movie star in Hollywood.

30 Jan 2019 India/USASolar Eclipse: The Depth of Darkness / The Gandhi Murder (movie)
A conspiracy theory film about the eventual assassination of Gandhi in the late 1940’s.

31 Jan 2019 Canada (Netflix) / 23 Dec 2018 UK – Channel 5’s Agatha and the Truth of Murder (TV Movie) ★★★★
An imagining of what young Agatha Christie did when she went missing for 11 days in 1926.
Review: Very creative idea which reminded me of at least one of her novels.

February 2019

1 Feb 2019 UK / 21 Nov 2018 Canada / 16 Nov 2018 US – Green Book (movie)
Comedy set in the 1960’s about Don Shirley and Tony Vallelonga.

1 Feb 2019 US (Amazon Prime) / 26 Dec 2018 UK – BBC One’s The ABC Murders (TV miniseries)
3-part drama set in the 1930’s. John Malkovich portrays Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot.

15 Feb 2019 (Netflix) / 14 Sept 2018 SpainVelvet Colección S2 (TV series)
The Christmas Special in December will be the series finale.

21 Feb 2019 Australia – Prime7’s Miss Fisher’s Modern Mysteries (TV miniseries)
Set in the 1960’s about Miss Fisher’s niece, Peregrine Fisher, who becomes a detective.

22 Feb 2019 Canada (Netflix) / 6 Jan 2019 Ireland – RTE’s Rebellion S2 / Resistance (TV series) ★★★★
Five-part sequel to Rebellion set in the late 1920’s.
Review: The series follows some characters from S1. It was a lot more exciting and it looks like there could be a S3 if renewed.

March 2019

1 Mar 2019 UK / 15 Mar 2019 USThe Aftermath (movie) ★★★★★
Set in Hamburg, Germany just after WWII, about a British colonel and his wife and the German widower who lives with them. Starring Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgard, etc.
Review: I haven’t read the novel yet but I understand that the movie has changed the plot. It certainly brought out interesting perspectives.

1 Mar 2019 US / 5 Apr 2018 GermanyTransit (movie)
Whilst trying to flee France, Georg meets the wife of the dead author whom he is impersonating.

6 Mar 2019 Canada (CBC) / 1 Apr 2018 UK – BBC One’s Ordeal by Innocence (TV miniseries) ★★★★★
3-part (split into four parts for CBC) adaptation of Agatha Christie’s detective fiction set on Christmas Day 1954. Thank you hano!
Review: You can never go wrong with an Agatha Christie miniseries!

8 Mar 2019 Norway – Ut og stjæle hester / Out Stealing Horses (movie)
Adaptation of Per Patterson’s novel; a retiree recalls the summer of 1948 when he encounters someone from his past.

11 Mar 2019 UK – ITV 2’s Timewasters S2 (TV series)
The time-travelling jazz band travels back to 1950’s London.

11 Mar 2019 Canada (Netflix) – Eugenie Nights / Layali Eugenie (TV series)
Thirty episodes set in 1940 Port Said, Egypt about a woman who finds comfort in her abusive husband’s brother.

20 Mar 2019 France – Dernier Amour / Casanova, Last Love (movie)
Set during the 18th Century about Casanova who moves to London from Paris and falls for a young prostitute.

22 Mar 2019 Canada (Netflix) – Most Beautiful Thing (TV series) 
Set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1959 about a woman who opens a Bossa Nova club.

24 Mar 2019 UK / 14 Mar 2019 Australia / 13 Jan 2019 US/Canada (PBS) – ITV’s Victoria S3 (TV series) ★★★★
Set in 1848.
Review: In lieu of Victoria’s mother, we meet Victoria’s half-sister who is portrayed as a scheming jealous sister (not true)… we also get to see Osborne!

28 Mar 2019 US/Canada (SundanceNow) / 1 Oct 2018 Sweden – SVT’s Vår tid är nu (Our Time is Now) / The Restaurant S2 (TV series)
Set in Stockholm in the 1950’s.

29 Mar 2019 – Dumbo (movie)
Disney live-action adaptation set in the early 20th Century.

29 Mar 2019 – Netflix’s The Highwaymen (movie) ★★★★
Film about the detectives who brought down Bonnie & Clyde.
Review: I was impressed that it wasn’t as violent as I had expected.

29 Mar 2019 Canada (Netflix) / 17 Feb 2019 UK – Channel 4’s Traitors (TV series) ★★★★
Six episodes set in 1945 after WWII, an English civil servant helps the CIA spy on her own country. Might be renewed for S2.
Review: The ending was quite shocking and only confirms my belief that one can never get out of espionage once in.

31 Mar 2019 US/Canada (PBS) / 13 Jan 2019 UK – BBC One’s Call the Midwife S8 (TV series) ★★★★★
Set in 1964.

31 Mar 2019 US (PBS) / 27 Nov 2018 UK – BBC’s Mrs. Wilson (TV miniseries) ★★★★★
Three-part drama set in Britain in the 1930’s and 1940’s about Ruth Wilson’s grandmother, Alison, and grandfather, Alec Wilson.
Review: My heart went out to Alison. Can’t imagine what that was like for each of the women Alec had lied to.

April 2019

2 Apr 2019 Canada / 2018 Lebanon – Netflix’s Peasants’ Rebellion (TV series)
Set in 19th Century Lebanon about the peasants’ revolution.

4 Apr 2019 US – FX’s Fosse/Verdon (TV miniseries)
Biographical miniseries about filmmaker and choreographer Bob Fosse and Broadway dancer and actress Gwen Verdon. Set in 1969-1970’s.

5 Apr 2019 UK / 14 Mar 2019 GermanyTrautmann / The Keeper (movie)
A love story about Bert Trautmann, a German PoW and Goalkeeper for Manchester City, and his first wife, Margaret Friar.

5 Apr 2019 US / 2 Nov 2018 UK – Peterloo (movie)
Set in 1819 about the Peterloo Massacre in St Peter’s Field in Manchester, England when the Cavalry attacked a peaceful protest.

12 Apr 2019 Canada (Netflix) / 11 Jan 2019 UK / 21 Sept 2018 US – Colette (movie) ★★★★
Set at the end of the 19th to early 20th Century about French novelist Colette (Keira Knightley) who had been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature.
Review: I thought Keira did a marvellous job ‘growing’ up in her role.

12 April 2019 USWild Nights With Emily (movie)
About writer Emily Dickinson’s relationship with a woman.

14 Apr 2019 US (PBS) /  25 Dec 2018 UK – BBC One’s Les Miserables (TV miniseries) ★★★★
A six-part non-musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel. Thank you, Maria!
Review: Not my favourite adaptation but quite good. I thought Lily was superb as Fantine.

19 Apr 2019 Canada (Netflix) / 20 Aug 2018 DenmarkLykke-Per / A Fortunate Man (movie)
An adaptation of Henrik Pontoppidan’s novel of the same name. Set in Denmark in the late 19th Century about a young engineer who abandons his faith to pursue his career…

19 Apr 2019 US / 17 Jan 2019 AustraliaStorm Boy (movie) ★★★★★
Based on Colin Thiele’s novel of the same name set in the 1950’s about a young boy who adopts three pelican chicks.
Review: Absolutely moving. I never thought I’d be crying buckets at the end.

20 Apr 2019 US (Ovation TV) / 14 Jan 2019 UK (Alibi) / 24 Sept 2018 Canada – CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries S12 (TV series) ★★★★★
Renewed for S13.
Review: You can never go wrong with MM!

May 2019

3 May 2019 UK / 10 May 2019 USTolkien (movie) ★★★★★
Biographical drama about J. R. R. Tolkien (Nicholas Hoult) in his early days. Lily Collins stars as Edith Bratt, his wife.
Review: I liked how they integrated LOTR in the film.

3 May 2019 USBolden (movie)
Set in New Orleans in the early 1900’s about Buddy Bolden, the inventor of jazz.

3 May 2019 Canada / 19 Apr 2019 UK – Red Joan (movie)
Judi Dench stars as Joan Stanley, the KGB’s longest-serving British spy. Thank you, MonsieurA!

5 May 2019 US / 24 Feb 2019 US – Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart S6 (TV series)
10 x 1-hour episodes. Episode 4 returns on 5 May for a special two-night event. Renewed for S7.

5 May 2019 US – Starz’s The Spanish Princess (TV Series)
Eight-part drama based on Philippa Gregory’s The Constant Princess and The King’s Curse about young Catherine of Aragon in England. Thank you, @hisdoryan!

6 May 2019 UK – CBBC’s Hetty Feather S5 (TV series)
10 episodes. Possibly renewed for S6.

10 May 2019 UK / 14 Sept 2018 US – Where Hands Touch (movie)
Set in Germany 1944 about a mixed-race Black German young woman who falls in love with someone from the Hitler Youth.

10 May 2019 Canada / 26 Apr 2019 US / 22 Mar 2019 UK The White Crow (movie) ★★★★★
Set in 1961 when ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev defected to the West.
Review: A must-watch if you love ballet!

10 May 2019 US / 8 Feb 2019 UK – All Is True (movie)
The last days of William Shakespeare.

10 May 2019 US (online) – The Professor and the Madman (movie)
Adaptation of the novel, The Surgeon of Crowthorne, about Professor James Murray who begins compiling the Oxford English Dictionary in 1857 and receives over 10,000 entries from Dr William Minor, who is being treated at an insane asylum.

15 May 2019 USThe Third Wife (movie)
Set in 19th Century Vietnam.

19 May 2019 UK (BBC One) / 22 Apr 2019 US (HBO) – Gentleman Jack S1 (TV series) ★★★★
Eight part drama set in West Yorkshire in 1832 about lesbian landowner Anne Lister who seeks a wife. Based on her 4 million word coded diary. Renewed for S2.
Review: The series seemed to drag on at times but I found it very interesting and the minor characters were also quite amusing.

21 May 2019 UK – BBC Two’s Summer of Rockets (TV Series)
Six-part drama set in the UK during the Cold War in 1958.

22 May 2019 UK / 31 May 2019 US/CanadaRocketman (movie)
A musical biopic about Elton John from the 1950s to 1970s. Thank you, Jez!

24 May 2019 – Netflix’s High Seas S1 / Alta Mar (TV series) ★★★★★
Eight-part drama set in the 1940’s about two sisters on a luxury ship from Spain to Brazil who discover dark family secrets after a series of deaths on the ship. Renewed for S2.
Review: The opening is reminiscent of Titanic, but set in the 1940’s. One of the sisters was Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth (Ivana Baquero) and their uncle was Emilio in Velvet (Jose Sacristan). This murder mysteries series keeps you guessing until the end. Looking forward to S2!

31 May 2019 UK / 22 Mar 2019 US / 27 Sept 2018 Hungary – Napszállta / Sunset (movie)
An aspiring young miller endeavours to work at a hat store in Budapest that once belonged to her late parents but is rejected by the current owner.

31 May 2019 US – HBO’s Deadwood (TV movie)
Western film set in Deadwood, South Dakota 10 years after the end of S3 (c. 1887) in the TV series (2004-2006).

June 2019

4 Jun 2019 US (online) – The Lumber Baron (movie)
Set at the beginning of the 20th Century about a man who returns to Wisconsin to save his family’s lumber business and to find out who murdered his father.

10 Jun 2019 UK – Channel 4’s The Year of the Rabbit (TV series)
Comedy with six 30-min episodes set in Victorian London about Detective Inspector Rabbit, his partner, and his adopted daughter (and England’s first female police officer).

15 Jun 2019 US (Ovation) / 23 Jan 2018 UK (Alibi) / 6 Nov 2017 Canada – CBC’s Frankie Drake Mysteries S1 (TV Series) ★★★★
11 episodes set in Toronto in 1921 about female detective Frankie Drake.

14 Jun 2019 US/Canada (Netflix) / 12 Feb 2019 Germany – Das Erste’s Charité at War / Charité S2 (TV series)
Six part drama set during 1943-45 about the Charité hospital in Berlin.

16 Jun 2019 US/Canada (PBS) / 10 Feb 2019 UK – ITV’s Endeavour S6 (TV series) ★★★★
Set in 1969.
Review: I was worried one of the main characters would die but the finale was perfect and now I can’t wait for S7.

16 Jun 2019 US (PBS) / 26 Apr 2019 UK (Sky One) – Jamestown S3 (TV series)
Series finale.

20 Jun 2019 UK (Channel 4) / 17 May 2019 US – Hulu’s Catch-22 (TV series)
Six-part dark comedy series adapted from Joseph Heller’s novel set in WWII.

21 Jun 2019 – Netflix’s Bolivar (TV series)
60 episodes on the life of General Simon Bolivar.

July 2019

2 Jul 2019 UK (History UK) / 25 Mar 2019 US/Canada – History’s Knightfall S2 (TV Series) ★★★★
Review: As expected, there were more gruesome torture scenes in S2. I found some parts quite moving and inspiring faith-wise. The ending seemed ambiguous. Either that’s the series finale or there’s a possibility of S3 if History doesn’t axe the series.

2 Jul 2019 (online) / 28 Jun 2019 US – Ophelia (movie)
Based on Lisa Klein’s novel of the same name, a spinoff of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Daisy Ridley has been cast as Ophelia and Naomi Watts as Queen Gertrude.

3 Jul 2019 – Netflix’s The Last Czars (TV Series / Documentary) ★★★★
A six-part dramatised documentary on Nicholas II and his family and the fall of the Romanov dynasty.
Review: I was hooked but think there were too many unnecessary nudity/sex scenes.

7 Jul 2019 Canada (CBC) – Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart S5 (TV series)

10 Jul 2019 US (Hulu) / 11 Jul 2019 UK (StarzPlay) – Harlots S3 (TV series)

14 Jul 2019 US/Canada (PBS) / 11 Jan 2019 UK – ITV’s Grantchester S4 (TV series) ★★★
Last time James Norton will portray Vicar Sidney Chambers. Tom Brittney will join as Reverend Will Davenport. Renewed for S5.
Review: Having just started watching this series, I have to say these vicars were very different from what I’d expected.

27 Jul 2019 US (Ovation TV) / 22 Jan 2019 UK (Alibi) / 24 Sept 2018 Canada – CBC’s Frankie Drake Mysteries S2 (TV Series) ★★
11 episodes set in Toronto in 1921 about female detective Frankie Drake. Renewed for S3.
Review: I lost interest because I felt Frankie Drake didn’t fit in the 1920’s (her hairstyle).

29 Jul 2019 Canada (Netflix) / 15 Mar 2019 US/Canada / 7 Sept 2018 UKHurricane / Mission of Honor (movie) ★★★★
Set during WWII about the Polish RAF Squadron 303 who fought in the Battle of Britain.

August 2019

2 Aug 2019 USThe Nightingale (movie)
Set in Tasmania in 1825 about a young Irish convict, Clare, and an Aboriginal tracker, Billy, who chase a British officer to avenge her family.

9 Aug 2019 Worldwide (Netflix) – Las Chicas del Cable S4 / Cable Girls (TV series)
Renewed for S5.

12 Aug 2019 US – AMC’s The Terror S2: Infamy (TV Series)
Set in a Japanese-American internment camp during WWII. George Takei will be a series regular and consultant.

 14 Aug 2019 UK / 26 Jul 2019 US Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (movie)
Set in LA in 1969 about a  TV actor and his stunt double striving for fame and success.

16 Aug 2019 US – The Second Sun (movie)
Inspired by a true story. Set in Manhattan 1953 about a young couple who reveal secrets about their past.

 23 Aug 2019 US / 2 Jul 2019 Canada / 5 Jul 2019 UK – Vita & Virginia (movie)
Film adaptation of Vita and Virginia, Eileen Atkins’s fictional account of the friendship and affair of writers Virginia Woolf (Elizabeth Debicki) and Vita Sackville-West (Gemma Arterton).

29 Aug 2019 UK/Canada / 16 May 2019 Brazil – Netflix’s Kardec (TV movie)
Brazilian film about French professor Allan Kardec, the founder of Spiritism. Set in 19th Century France.

30 Aug 2019 US (Hallmark Movies Now) – Hallmark’s When Hope Calls (TV series)
A spin-off of When Calls The Heart featuring a new town with new characters.

September 2019

6 Sept 2019 Mexico – Sonora / Devil’s Highway (movie)
Set in Mexico in 1931 about a group of people who are forced to go through Mexicali.

8 Sept 2019 Canada (Netflix) / 26 April 2019 (ITV) / 14 Sept 2018 Canada (City TV) / 26 July 2018 US (BritBox) – The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco (TV mini series) ★★★★
First aired in the UK on 25 July 2018 on ITV. A spin-off of the original series with four stories told in two episodes. Set in 1956, Millie and Jean travel to SF to join two US code-breakers in solving some murder cases. Filmed in Vancouver, Canada.
Review: Not as good as the original series but interesting to see the two sides working together.

11 Sept 2019 Canada (TIFF) – Lyrebird (movie)
Based on a true story. Set just after the war in the Netherlands about a soldier who investigates Dutch artist Han van Meegeren.

11 Sept 2019 France – Jeanne / Joan of Arc (movie)
Biographical movie about Joan of Arc.
Review: I didn’t watch this but my friend tells me it was not worth it as there was electro music and lip-synching in this ‘period drama’.

12 Sept 2019 Germany – Liberté (movie)
Set in 1774 about two libertine aristocrats expelled from Louis XVI’s court who seek support from the Duke of Walchen to bring libertinage to Germany.

13 Sept 2019 UK / 20 Sept 2019 US – Downton Abbey (movie) ★★★★★
Set in 1927 about the Royal Visit to Downton.
Review: Read my review here.

16 Sept 2019 @ 8pm Canada – CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries S13 (TV series)
18 episodes.

16 Sept 2019 @ 9pm Canada – CBC’s Frankie Drake Mysteries S3 (TV Series)
Ten episodes.

22 Sept 2019 @ 8pm Canada – CBC’s Anne S3 (TV Series)
Ten episodes.

26 Sept 2019 Kuwait / Saudi Arabia – Born a King (movie) 
Based on the true story of teenage Prince Faisal who is sent to London on a diplomatic mission by his father in 1919.

27 Sept 2019 SpainMientras Dure La GuerraWhile At War (movie)
Set in Salamanca, Spain, in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War.

29 Sept 2019 UK / 2019 US/Canada (PBS) – BBC One’s World on Fire (TV series)
Seven part WWII drama about the ordinary people from different countries whose lives are being affected by the war.

29 Sept 2019 US/Canada (PBS) / 7 April 2019 UK – ITV’s The Durrells S4 (TV series) ★★★★★
The series finale.
Review: I will miss laughing with the Durrells and admiring the scenery in Corfu. I thought there could have been more episodes in the series finale.

29 Sept 2019 @ 9pm US/Canada (PBS) / 14 July 2019 UK – BBC One’s Poldark S5 (TV Series)
Series finale set in 1810. Possible movie if approved.

October 2019

2 Oct 2019 Italy – Io, Leonardo / I, Leonardo (movie)
Italian movie about Leonardo Da Vinci.

2 Oct 2019 UK / 27 Sept 2019 US – Judy (movie)
Set in Winter 1968 about Judy Garland’s last concerts in London. Starring Renee Zellweger.

3 Oct 2019 UK (Sky Atlantic) / 21 Oct 2019 US (HBO) / Canada (Crave) – Catherine the Great (TV mini series)
Four-part series on Catherine the Great (Helen Mirren) and the Hermitage. Thank you, hisdoryan!

4 Oct 2019 Worldwide (Netflix) / 25 Aug 2019 UK – BBC One’s Peaky Blinders S5 (TV Series) ★★★★★
Set in 1929.
Review: Far more exciting than S4 and, in many ways, quite relevant today! It was also nice to see Grace again throughout the series. Hoping S6 comes out soon!

11 Oct 2019 UK (BBC Two) / 23 May 2019 US (SundanceTV) / 4 Mar 2019 Italy (Rai 1) – The Name of the Rose (TV series) Just updated!
A remake of Umberto Eco’s novel of the same name. Crime series set in a monastery in Italy in 1327.

18 Oct 2019 US / 31 Jan 2020 UK – The Lighthouse (movie) ★
Horror film set on a remote island in New England in the 1890’s about two lighthouse keepers.
Review: Too frightened to watch the entire film but the cinematography was very good from what I did see.

21 Oct 2019 Russia – Russia-1’s  Ekaterina / Catherine S3 (TV Series)
Currently filming. 12 episodes about Catherine the Great.

25 Oct 2019 US / 26 Jul 2019 UK – The Current War (movie)
About Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon). Also starring Tuppence Middleton, Tom Holland, Matthew Macfadyen.

28 Oct 2019 Sweden – SVT’s Vår tid är nu (Our Time is Now) / The Restaurant S3 (TV series)
Set in Stockholm in the 1960’s.

31 Oct 2019 Brazil – A Vida Invisivel / The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao (movie)
Set in 1950s Rio de Janeiro about two sisters.

November 2019

1 Nov 2019 UK/Canada/US – Netflix’s The King (TV movie) ★★★★
Adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henry IV Pt 1 & 2, and Henry V.
Review: No iambic pentametres in this movie but we do get to hear Timothee and Lily-Rose speak French. I think this could have been a TV mini series as the ending was rather rushed.

1 Nov 2019 US / 22 Nov 2019 UK – Harriet (movie) ★★★★★
About Harriet Tubman’s escape from slavery and how she saved dozens of enslaved through the Underground Railroad.
Review: This is a must-see historical drama. This inspirational movie follows Harriet from enslavement to miraculous escape to freedom, to becoming a rescuer and leader. British actress Cynthia Erivo is phenomenal as Harriet and sings beautifully!

1 Nov 2019 US / 22 Nov 2019 UK – Motherless Brooklyn (movie)
Set in NY in the 1950’s about a detective with Tourette’s syndrome. Starring Edward Norton, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, etc.

1 Nov 2019 US (cinema – limited release) / 8 Nov 2019 UK (cinema) / 27 Nov 2019 (Netflix) – Netflix’s The Irishman (TV movie)
Based on the book I Heard You Paint Houses about Frank Sheeran recalling his involvement in the murder of Jimmy Hoffa.

1 Nov 2019 – Apple TV+’s Dickinson S1 (TV series)
Ten-part anachronistic drama on writer Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld). Renewed for S2.

6 Nov 2019 UK / 6 Dec 2019 US / 20 Dec 2019 Worldwide (Amazon Prime) – The Aeronauts (movie)
Inspired by the world record hot air balloon flight on 5 Sept 1862 in London. Two aeronauts try to survive as they make discoveries during their flight. Starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.

8 Nov 2019 US / 3 Jan 2020 UK / 25 Oct 2019 Canada – Jojo Rabbit (movie)
A dark comedy loosely based on Christine Leunen’s novel Caging Skies. A young Hitler’s Youth boy find out his mother is hiding a Jewish girl.

8 Nov 2019 Canada/US/UK – Midway (movie)
About the Battle of Midway.

12 Nov 2019 Italy (Rai 1) / 2020 Worldwide (Netflix) – Medici: Masters of Florence S3 / Medici: The Magnificent S2 (TV series)
Eight episodes continuing from where S2 left off.

12 Nov 2019 UK/Canada/US/Australia (online) – Disney+’s Lady and the Tramp (TV movie)
Live-action remake of the 1955 animation set in 1909.

13 Nov 2019 France – J’accuse / An Officer and a Spy (movie)
Set in 1894 about French Captain Alfred Dreyfus who is falsely accused of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil’s Island in French Guiana.

15 Nov 2019 Spain – La Peste / The Plague S2 (TV Series)

15 Nov 2019  Amazon’s Man in the High Castle S4 (TV Series) 
Series finale with 10 episodes.

17 Nov 2019 Worldwide – Netflix’s The Crown S3 (TV Series)
Set during the 1970’s with Olivia Coleman replacing Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II and Helena Bonham-Carter replacing Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret. Renewed for S4.

17 Nov 2019 UK – BBC One’s The War of the Worlds (TV Mini Series) Just updated
Three-part adaptation of H.G. Wells’ book of the same name set in the Edwardian era.

22 Nov 2019 UK – Judy & Punch (movie)
Australian film set in a town called Seaside during the 16th Century about puppeteers Judy and Punch.

22 Nov 2019 Canada/US – Netflix’s High Seas S2 / Alta Mar (TV series) Just updated

23 Nov 2019 Netflix Canada / 23 Nov 2018 – Discovery Canada’s Frontier S3 (TV Series) Just updated
Six episodes.

24 Nov 2019 US/Canada (PBS) / 29 Mar 2019 USThe Chaperone (movie)
Set in the early 1920’s about a Kansas woman (Elizabeth McGovern) whose life changes when she chaperones Louise Brooks on her journey to New York City.

28 Nov 2019 Germany8 Sept 2018 Canada (TIFF)Angelo (movie)
Based on the life of Angelo Soliman, an enslaved African who was adopted by a European comtesse and educated.

Nov 2019 UK – BBC One’s The Trial of Christine Keeler (TV series)
Six episodes about the Profumo affair in the early 1960’s involving model Christine Keeler and John Profumo, the Secretary of the State for War.

December 2019

4 Dec 2019 – Vikings S6 (TV Series)
Possible series finale with 20 episodes.

6 Dec 2019 – Amazon Prime’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S3 (TV Series)
Comedy about 1950’s housewife turned stand-up comedian.

6 Dec 2019 US – The Islands (movie)
Based on the true story of Chiefess Kapiolani of Hawaii who descended into a volcano as a demonstration of her faith and survived in 1824.

6 Dec 2019 US / 28 Feb 2020 UK / 18 Sept 2019 France Portrait de la jeune fille en feu / Portrait of a Lady on Fire (movie)
Set on an island in Brittany at the end of the 18th Century about a female painter who paints a wedding portrait of a young woman.

11 Dec 2019 France / 13 Dec 2019 US / 17 Jan 2020 UK – A Hidden Life (movie)
Set during WWII about an Austrian conscientious objector who refuses to fight for the Nazis.

20 Dec 2019 Spain (Netflix) – Velvet Colección S2 Christmas Special (TV series)
Series finale.

25 Dec 2019 UK – BBC Four’s Martin’s Close (TV short)
A 30-minute Christmas ghost story based on M.R. James’ story.

25 Dec 2019 UK / US (FX) – BBC One’s A Christmas Carol (TV Series)
A three-part hour-long adaptation of Dickens’ novel starring Guy Pearce as Ebeneezer Scrooge and Andy Serkis as the Ghost of Christmas Past.

25 Dec 2019 – BBC One’s Call the Midwife S8: Christmas Special (TV series)

25 Dec 2019 US / 10 Jan 2020 UK – 1917 (movie)
Set during WWI.

25 Dec 2019 US – The Song of Names (movie) ★★★★★
A judge of a musical competition searches for his childhood best friend, an orphaned Polish violin prodigy, who disappeared decades earlier in the early 1950’s.
Review: Very moving with beautiful violin music.

25 Dec 2019 Canada/US / 26 Dec 2019 UK – Little Women (movie)
Another adaptation of ‘Little Women’ with Saoirse Ronan as Jo March, Emma Watson as Meg March, and Florence Pugh as Amy March.

25 Dec 2019 US – Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart Christmas (TV series)

Dec 2019 UK – BBC’s Death Comes As The End (TV miniseries)
Three-part adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel set in Ancient Egypt in 2000 BC.

Unknown Dates

Winter 2019 Germany (Sky) / 2020 Germany (ARD) / Canada/US/Australia (Netflix) / UK (Sky)  Babylon Berlin S3 (TV series) Just added
Set in Berlin in Autumn 1929, just before the stock market crash.

2019 UK / ? (Netflix)BBC One’s Dracula (TV miniseries)
A three-part series on Dracula, set in London in 1897. Coming soon!

2019 UK – BBC One’s The Elephant Man (TV miniseries)
Two-part drama on Joseph Merrick.

2020 – Hulu’s The Great (TV series)
Starring Elle Fanning as young Catherine the Great.

2019 UK – CBBC’s Hetty Feather S6 (TV series) Just added
Series finale with three episodes?

2019? UK (BBC Two) / NZ (TVNZ) – The Luminaries (TV series)
Six-part series adapted from Eleanor Catton’s novel of the same name. Adventure mystery set in New Zealand’s South Island during the 1860’s Gold Rush.

2019? Italy – Netflix’s Luna Nera / The Black Moon (TV series) 
Six episodes set in the 17th Century Italy about a group of women suspected of witchcraft.

2019 UK / US – A+E’s Miss Scarlet and the Duke (TV series)
Six part drama set in 1880’s London about a female detective.

2019? UK – BBC One’s The Pale Horse (TV series)
A two-part adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1961 novel set during the same time period.

2019 – ITV’s The Singapore Grip (TV Series)
Six-part adaptation of J.G. Farrell’s novel of the same name about a British family living in Singapore during WWII.

2019 UK (BBC Four) / 28 Oct 2018 NorwayState of Happiness / Lykkeland (TV series)
Eight episodes set between 1969-72 in a small coastal town in Norway that’s just struck oil about four main characters and their experiences.

2019? UK – BBC One’s A Very English Scandal S2 (TV mini series)
Set in 1963 about British socialite Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll’s sex scandal.

2019 UK – BBC Two’s Vienna Blood (TV mini series)
Three-part series based on the Liebermann crime novels set in Vienna in the 1900’s.

2019 UKWaiting for Anya (movie)
Adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s novel of the same name. Set during WWII about a shepherd who helps smuggle Jewish children from France to Spain.

Period Dramas in 2020

2020 UK / 2020 US/Canada (PBS) – Channel 5’s All Creatures Great and Small (TV Series)
New adaptation of James Herriot’s books on country veterinarians in the Yorkshire Dales in the 1930’s. Six episodes plus a Christmas special.

2020 US – Ammonite (movie)
Set in 1840’s England inspired by the life of Mary Anning.

29 Jan 2020 US / 20 Jun 2019 Russia – Dylda / Beanpole (movie)
Set in Leningrad in 1945 about two female friends who have been reunited and search for hope after traumatic experiences.

2020 US/Canada (PBS) / 23 Jun 2019 UK – ITV’s Beecham House (TV series) Just updated
Six-part drama set in the 19th century in Delhi (before the British ruled that region) about the residents of Beecham House.

2020 UK / 2020 US (Epix) – ITV’s Belgravia (TV Series)
Adapted from Julian Fellowes’ novel of the same name set in the Napoleonic era and 1840’s.

2020 – Netflix’s Bridgerton (TV series)
Eight-part series adapted from Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series set in the Regency era.

Spring 2020 – BBC One’s Call the Midwife S9 (TV series)

25 Dec 2020 – BBC One’s Call the Midwife S9: Christmas Special (TV series)

2020 Worldwide (Netflix) – Las Chicas del Cable S5 / Cable Girls (TV series)

2020 UK / 2020 Germany (ZDF) – BBC Two’s The Children (TV movie)
Based on a true story of the 300 child survivors of the Holocaust who were brought to Lake Windermere during the summer of 1945. This 90 min. TV movie will air in 2020 on the 75th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust.

2020 – Netflix’s The Crown S4 (TV Series)

9 Oct 2020 UK/USDeath on the Nile (movie)
Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) investigates the murder of an heiress whilst holidaying on the Nile.

17 Jan 2020 – Dolittle / The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle (movie)
A fantasy film about Dr. Dolittle (Robert Downey Jr) who sets off on an epic journey to find a cure for the young and gravely ill Queen Victoria (Jessie Buckley).

2020 – Netflix’s The English Game (TV Series)
Six-part drama penned by Julian Fellowes on the history of football (soccer).

21 Feb 2020 US / 28 Feb 2020 UK – Emma (movie)
A new adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, starring Anya Taylor-Joy as Emma Woodhouse.

2020 – Enola Holmes (movie)
Based on Nancy Springer’s novel series about Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes’  teenage sister, starring Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes.

2020 US – The French Dispatch (movie)
About an American newspaper agency in 1950’s Paris.

2020 UK (BBC One) / US (HBO) – Gentleman Jack S2 (TV series)

2020? US – HBO’s The Gilded Age (TV series)
Ten-part drama penned by Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey) set in New York in 1885 around the upper New York society. Might even feature a young Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham.

2020? – ITV’s Grantchester S5 (TV series)

8 May 2020 UK/US – Greyhound (movie)
Adaptation of C.S. Forester’s ‘The Good Shepherd’ set in WWII.

24 Jul 2020 UK/US / 16 Sept 2020 CanadaJungle Cruise (movie)
Based on the Disney theme attraction. Set in the early 20th Century (1910s/WWI?), starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson. Thank you, Harv!

14 Feb 2020 UK/USThe King’s Man (movie)
A prequel to the Kingsman series set at the turn of the 20th Century.

2020 Worldwide (Netflix) – The Last Kingdom S4 (TV Series)

2020 USLouis Wain (movie)
Set in the 19th Century about English artist Louis Wain (Benedict Cumberbatch).

2020 UKMary Anning & the Dinosaur Hunters (TV miniseries)
A two-part biopic on English fossil collector, Mary Anning, during the 19th Century.

2020? – Medieval (movie)
Set in the 14th Century about Czech warlord Jan Zizka who defeated the Teutonic Order and Holy Roman Empire armies. Thank you Zuzana!

Feb 2020 Australia – Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears (movie) Just updated

7 Feb 2020 UK – Mr. Jones (movie) Just added
Welsh journalist Gareth Jones (James Norton) uncovers the famine in the Soviet Union during Stalin’s regime in the early 1930’s.

2020 UK – BBC Two’s The North Water (TV miniseries)
Four-part thriller adapted from Ian McGuire’s novel set in the UK and the Arctic in the late 1850’s about an ex-army surgeon who joins a whaling expedition. Filming begins this Autumn.

16 Feb 2020 US/Canada (W Network)Starz’s Outlander S5 (TV series)
12 episodes.

? 2020 UK – BBC One’s Peaky Blinders S6 (TV Series)
Set in 1930s?

24 Jan 2020 UK The Personal History of David Copperfield (movie) Just updated
An adaptation of Dickens’ ‘David Copperfield’ with Dev Patel in the lead role.

2020 US/Canada (History) – Project Blue Book S2 (TV series)
Ten-part drama set in 1952-69 about UFO investigations.

20 March 2020 UK / ? 2020 US – Radioactive (movie) Just updated
About Marie (Rosamund Pike) and Pierre Curie (Sam Riley).

2020 Germany / 2020 US – Resistance (movie) Just updated
A group of Jewish Boy Scouts who worked with the French Resistance to save the lives of ten thousand orphans during World War II.

12 Jan 2020 @ 9pm US/Canada (PBS) / 25 Aug 2019 UK – ITV’s Sanditon (TV series)
Eight-part adaption of an unfinished novel by Jane Austen.

15 Apr 2020 France / 17 Apr 2020 UKThe Secret Garden (movie)
Another adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s beloved novel but set in 1947. Starring Colin Firth (who was in the 1987 version) and Julie Walters.

2020 UK – BBC One’s Taboo S2 (TV series)

2020 US – Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart S7 (TV series)

Period Dramas In Development / Rumours

  • Bach (movie)
    Starring Gerard Depardieu as J.S. Bach.
  • 2021 – BBC One’s Call the Midwife S10 (TV series)
    8 episodes plus a Christmas Special.
  • 2022 – BBC One’s Call the Midwife S11 (TV series)
    8 episodes plus a Christmas Special.
  • US – Charlotte (TV mini-series)
    Set in the South before the Civil War.
  • The Chess Machine (movie)
  • Apple’s A Christmas Carol (movie) Just added
    A musical starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell.
  • The Custom of the Country (TV movie)
    Adapted from Edith Wharton’s 1913 novel.
  • BBC’s Dangerous Liaisons (TV)
  • Apple TV+’s Dickinson S2 (TV series)
  • Downton Abbey Movie Sequel (movie) Just added
    Rumour has it that a second DA movie is in the works!
  • Emma and Nelson (movie)
  • Emperor (movie)
    Epic drama about a young girl who seeks revenge on Holy Roman Emperor Charles V after the death of her father.
  • Empire Rising (movie)
    An adaptation of Thomas Kelly’s novel set in 1930’s Manhattan.
  • Empress Catherine (movie) Just updated
    Starring Violetta Komyshan (potentially) or Keira Knightley as Catherine the Great.
  • Flying Horse (movie)
    About photographer Eadweard Muybridge following the affair between his wife and another man.
  • A Gentleman in Moscow (TV series)
    Adaptation of Amor Towles’ novel about a Russian count who is under house arrest at the Hotel Metropol in Moscow from 1922-52.
  • Televisa USA’s Gran Hotel (TV series)
    A remake of Spain’s Gran Hotel but set in 1950’s (pre-Castro) Cuba.
  • Hedy Lamarr Project (TV miniseries)
    Gal Gadot will portray Hedy Lamarr.
  • Josephine and Napoleon (TV series)
    Eight-part drama in English about Josephine (Berenice Bejo) and Napoleon Bonaparte. Starts filming summer 2019.
  • Lady Detective (TV)
    Based on the novel, The Revelations of a Lady Detective, from the Victorian era.
  • Leonardo (TV series) Just added
    Eight episodes on Leonardo Da Vinci (Aidan Turner) through his works.
  • Disney’s Marley (movie) Just added
    Disney’s musical version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ told through the eyes of Scrooge’s business partner, Marley.
  • Mary Barton (TV)
  • Mission to Paris (movie)
    Based on the novel. Set in 1938 in Paris.
  • New Amsterdam (movie) 
    About NYC when it was a Dutch settlement called New Amsterdam.
  • The Nightingale (movie)
    Adaptation of Kristin Hannah’s novel about two sisters in France during WWII.
  • The Northman (movie) Just added
    Viking saga set in Iceland at the turn of the 10th Century.
  • The Other Typist (movie)
    Set in 1924 in NYC at the height of Prohibition. Produced by and starring Keira Knightley.
  • 2021? – Outlander S6 (TV series)
    12 episodes.
  • UK – BBC One’s Peaky Blinders S7 (TV Series)
    S7 is a possibility.
  • US – The Personal History of Rachel Dupree (movie)
    Based on the novel of the same name by Ann Weisgarber about an African-American couple, Rachel and Isaac Dupree, who raise their family in a ranch in the Badlands, South Dakota during the early 1900’s. Starring Viola Davis, Quvenzhané Wallis, etc.
  • BBC’s A Place of Greater Safety (TV)
    Adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s historical fiction set during the French revolution.
  • Poldark (movie) Just added
    Continuation of series on the big screen if approved.
  • Queen Charlotte (TV Series)
    Series on Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of King George III, who discovers she has ‘Moorish ancestry’.
  • Randi (Of Corset’s Mine) (movie)
  • The Red Man’s View (movie)
    Set during the American Civil War about a small Native American Shoshone Band who are forced from their land.
  • The Rising: 1916 (movie)
    ‘Follows the events that led famine Ireland to free Ireland – the 1916 Easter Rising Rebellion and the driving force behind it, Seán MacDiarmada, hero to Michael Collins.’ – IMDB. Cast includes Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Brendan Coyle, Fiona Shaw, Michael Neeson (as Michael Collins), Colin Morgan, David O’Hara, etc.
  • The Rothschilds / Five Arrows (TV series)
    Set in the 19th Century about the Rothschild dynasty. Penned by Julian Fellowes.
  • The Serpent and the Moon (TV)
    Julian Fellowes will pen a TV adaptation of Princess Michael of Kent’s novel about Catherine de Medici, Henri II of France, and Diane de Poitiers.
  • 22 Dec 2021 US / 24 Dec 2021 UKSherlock Holmes 3 (movie)
    Sequel to Sherlock Holmes 2 with Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock.
  • It’s Showtime Siberia! (movie)
    Based on a true story and set during the Great War. Stars Gerard Depardieu, Sarah Bolger, Jamie Campbell-Bower, etc.
  • The Sword in the Stone (movie)
    A live-action film of the Disney cartoon; aiming to start filming this summer.
  • Velikaya S2 (TV series)
    About Catherine the Great from 1762-1775.
  • Rai’s Velvet (TV Series)
    Italy’s remake of Spain’s Velvet.
  • 2022? Norway – NRK’s Vintertronen / The Winter Throne (TV series)
    Norway’s “The Crown” series based on the eight novels by Tor Bomann-Larsen about King Haakon VII of Norway and his journey to becoming king in 1905. Thank you Royal Central!
  • ‘Vivien Leigh’ series (TV Series)
    Series on the personal and professional life of Vivien Leigh, starring Natalie Dormer as Leigh.
  • Wolf Hall S2 (TV series)
    Readers will have to wait until Hilary Mantel publishes the final book ‘The Mirror and the Light’ in March 2020.