Schloss Schleissheim

Once you’ve seen one Baroque palace, you’ve seen them all – or so I thought. It was for that very reason that I did not go inside Schloss Schleissheim in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Thankfully, my fellow castle-lover and friend, Svenja from Castleholic decided to visit Schleissheim and went in. She wrote three details posts on each of the three palaces that make up Schloss Schleissheim: Neues Schloss Schleissheim, Altes Schloss Schleissheim, and Schloss Lustheim. I didn’t even see or notice the Altes Schloss when I briefly visited in 2011. I thought the Neues Schloss was beautiful but I never imagined how beautiful it was inside…

The Neues Schloss was built in 1701-4 and stands between the Altes Schloss and Lustheim

Having visited a few ‘Lustheim’s in Germany, I also assumed that this ‘mini’ palace would be like the rest. Little did I know!

Schloss Lustheim was built in 1684-88 in the Italian/German ‘casino’ style.

Lesson of the day: google photos of palaces before dismissing the interior! But at least I have a palace to visit next time I’m in Munich.

Address: Max-Emanuel-Platz 1, Oberschleißheim 85764, Bavaria, Germany

Hours of Operation: Tues-Sun 9:00-18:00

Tickets: 8€ for all 3 palaces, otherwise 3€ for the Altes, 4,50€ for the Neues, and 3.50€ for Lustheim.

2 thoughts on “Schloss Schleissheim

  1. Schleissheim ❤️❤️❤️ The new palace is one of the most underestimated palaces in Germany, IMHO.

    (And thanks for linking my website!)

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