Afternoon Tea at the Refectory at Southwark Cathedral

I love checking Groupon for afternoon tea deals. When my friend and I wanted to go for tea, I found a very good deal on Groupon at the Refectory Cafe at Southwark Cathedral: £18 (usually £24) for afternoon tea for two. We ended up paying a little extra to have afternoon tea with a glass of bubbly for £21 (usually £36). Our experience, however, ended up being quite different than we had expected.

Since it was a fine Monday afternoon, we sat outside the cafe by the gate where it was fairly quiet and empty. (We were interrupted once by a homeless person but were otherwise mostly alone.) Ordering was not as straight-forward as the server that day did not seem to be aware of the Groupon deal. When our sandwiches and sweets arrived, I was shocked to see how little was served: four varieties of sandwiches, two mini scones, and five mini cakes. At the same time, it wasn’t very surprising as tea was already very affordable (£9-10.50 per person) but I can’t imagine having to pay full price (£12 per person). Unfortunately, it wasn’t until we went home before I realised that we never received our glasses of bubbly. At the time, there was no way to contact the Refectory Cafe except to turn up in person so we decided to forget about our glasses of bubbly. If you’re considering the Groupon deal, just bear in mind that it won’t be like other tea rooms serving traditional afternoon tea. Otherwise, it could have been worse!

Address: Montague Cl, London, SE1 9DA

Hours: Tues-Fri 9am-5:30pm / Sat-Mon 9:30am-5:30pm

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