Remembering Diana 20 Years On

Mini memorial outside Cafe Diana

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the death of a beloved and iconic woman: Diana, Princess of Wales or ‘Princess Diana’. There’s been a fashion exhibition on her dresses at Kensington Palace, countless of documentaries and news articles, and new memorabilia (including magazines) for tourists and Diana-fans to add to their collection.

I was a little girl when ‘Princess Diana’ passed away and I was devastated when I was told of her death. I’d hoped to meet her and I thought that if I could meet her, she would hug me and give me some encouragement. I felt that she could understand me as we were both born in July and both sensitive creatures.

Last year on 31 August 2017, there was a small gathering to mark the 19th anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales’ death. There were some flowers, balloons, cards, and photos decorating the gate. I’d arrived rather late to leave a little note and thought this was a good time to have a little chat with those who were keeping vigil outside the ornate gate. It was one of my most memorable nights in London.


This year, I returned to the palace with another little note (one I believe will be blown away by the wind) and was unprepared for the crowd outside the gate. I suppose it was good to see that so many still missed her and made a special trip to Kensington Palace on 31 August 2017 but I found myself missing the intimate gathering from 2016. Nevertheless, it was good to see familiar faces and nice to see ‘new’ faces.

Not all of us have met ‘Princess Diana’ but many of us feel like we knew her personally. So today we gathered to remember Diana and to enjoy the company of those who also loved her. I’m sure that just as she had been a role model to us, we each find ways to emulate her, thus carrying on her legacy.

On another note, I know that some fans remain anti-Charles & Camilla. I had been one of them once and was stubbornly unchangeable. But as I’ve grown older and learned more about the causes that are close to their hearts and mine – for instance, the environment and protecting victims of misogyny – my hardened heart slowly melted. I realised I’d only ever listened to one side (because very sensitive people will naturally relate to someone who’s hurting) and that yes, even victims can – whether intentionally or unintentionally – hurt others. But this is none of our business.

We’ll never forget Diana and she’ll always be queen of our hearts. Let us remember her for the positive impact she had and encourage her caring sons in their work.

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