Severndroog Castle

Once upon a time, a widow built a castle in memory of her husband. Lady Anne James had a Gothic-style castle built in 1784 named after Severndroog or Suvarnadurg, the island fortress in India, where her late husband, Sir William James, had defeated ‘pirates’ in 1755. The reason for the attack was to stop Tulaji Angre – ruler of the lands – who had been attacking East India Company ships. The castle was designed by Richard Jupp. Severndroog Castle has been opened to the public since 2014.

The main facade of the castle

Towards the Rose Garden

The castle comprises the Castlewood Tea Room on the main floor, the Lady James [reception] room on the 1st floor, Sir William James reception room on the 2nd floor, and the viewing platform at the top. From one of the three towers, visitors can see the seven counties surrounding London.

Spiral staircase from the main floor to the top

Ornate ceiling in the Lady James room

A side room next to the Lady James room

Opening Times: Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays (spring/summer 12:30-16:30 & autumn/winter 11:00-15:00) *closed from late December to February

Castlewood Tea Room (inside the castle): Open from Wednesday to Sunday; Afternoon Tea 2 Saturdays a month

Admission: £3 cash and £3.10 by card

Directions: Take the Jubilee line to North Greenwich, then take bus 486 to Memorial Hospital. You’ll have to walk back down a bit and cross the road to walk up to the castle.

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