Palace du jour: Karlsruher Schloss

One of the places I visited on my Ba-Wu Schlosskarte (castle/palace card) was the Botanic Garden (Botanischer Garten) [of] Karlsruhe, which is part of Karlsruher Schloss (which now houses the Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe). Karlsruhe Palace had been a residence of the rulers of Baden since 1715, when it began as a palace partially made of wood, until 1918. It was eventually rebuilt in 1746 with stone and continuously updated for the next 40 years. As with most palaces in Germany, the palace was destroyed during WWII but was rebuilt in the 1950’s. I did not visit the museum so I can’t say what it looks like inside. Judging by the photos on Google, however, it looks like I clearly missed out on some crown jewels and royal furniture!

A statue of Hermann and Dorothea from Goethe’s epic poem.

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