‘The Crown’ Costumes at Liberty

If you adore the glamorous late-1940’s and 1950’s costumes in Netflix’s The Crown, you will be able to see a small selection at Liberty London on Regent Street. The costumes are designed by Michele Clapton, who was the costume designer for S1-5 of Game of Thrones (she will return as the costume designer in S7), and a number of period/historical dramas, including: Channel 4’s The Devil’s Whore (2008), BBC’s Sense & Sensibility (2008), BBC’s Casanova (2005), and Queen of the Desert (2015).

The first two you will see are in a window display that looks like an opera box, featuring the costumes worn by Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II and Matt Smith as Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. The Queen mannequin in the three-toned blue and grey ballgown with white stole is wearing a replica of the Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara.

The Crown Window Display

Up on the 2nd floor are four costumes, two for Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) and two for The Queen:

Queen Elizabeth’s Ballgown at The Opera

This green duchess silk satin dress with dark beaded bodice is accessorised with a pair of white opera gloves, white stole, a replica of the Godman Emerald and Diamond Necklace, and a replica of the Halo Scroll Tiara (albeit in the series, The Queen wears the Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara).

img_4569 The Crown - Queen - Jewellery

Princess Margaret’s Ballgown at The Opera

Princess Margaret wears a pale ice pink duchess silk satin ballgown with silver beaded bodice to the Royal Opera House. The contrast in cut, style, and colour of the two ballgowns in the same scene show how different the two royal ladies are. Although this mannequin is wearing a replica of the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, Princess Margaret wears a replica of the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara in the episode.

img_4573 The Crown - Princess Margaret - jewellery

Queen Elizabeth in Private

In a scene at home, Queen Elizabeth is wearing a brown floral silk jacquard day dress. Here the mannequin wears a beautiful mauve duchess silk satin coat over the dress, worn with matching belt and gloves. The mannequin wears a brown velvet cap with flower embellishment and  carries a structured black patent handbag. (Speaking of handbags, The Queen – not the character – was given her first Launer handbag in 1968!) On the coat is a replica of the Dorset Bow Brooch.

img_4572 The Crown - Queen - Day Dress

Princess Margaret in Private

This narrow brown taffeta skirt with off-the-shoulders v-neck gold embossed top was worn by Princess Margaret to a party hosted by her friends in the country (in the series).

The Crown - Princess Margaret - Brown Dress

If you are interested in seeing some of Her Majesty’s dresses and accessories (the ones that she really did wear), you will be able to see some at Kensington Palace’s Fashion Rules (you can also see some of Princess Margaret’s dresses and accessories there) and, currently, at Windsor Castle’s Fashioning A Reign: 90 Years of Style.

The Crown will return for 50 more episodes.

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