The Lady takes on the DofE Diamond Challenge!

Having completed my Gold award a few years ago, I wanted to make sure that I continued to live a well-rounded life: be physically active, volunteer, and learn something new. If you’ve searched my blog archive, you may have stumbled upon three posts on the DofE or Duke of Ed Award (the DoE Award, Q&A, and Camping). I am so glad I had the opportunity to take part in the programme but I know it would have been even more challenging and possibly would not have been completed if I had limited funds. After all, the Adventure (Expedition) is the most expensive section (at least in my case) and sometimes, even learning a new Skill or taking up a new Physical Recreation could set us back financially.

As the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award celebrates its Diamond Anniversary (that’s 60 years) this year, a Diamond Trust has been set up to support the next five years and the disadvantaged young people who would benefit greatly from this programme. (From what I understand this Trust is raising funds in the UK only even though the Award is international. I could be wrong.) Moreover, everyone – young and old – has been invited to choose one challenge (the Diamond Challenge), be it a skill, something personal, or an adventure.

DofE Diamond Challenge 2016

After a couple of months contemplating what I should do for my Diamond Challenge, I finally decided on my mission this year:

  1. To volunteer at the refugee camp / warehouse in Calais
  2. To learn a bit of Arabic
  3. To brush up on my French

What I will find most challenging is going on my own to a non-touristy location with my awful French and my now-lower GBP. Equally as challenging will be learning Arabic, which I’m not sure if I will even get a chance to use but I do love languages so it won’t be a waste. I will have just over a month until I complete my challenge in mid-November.

I hope I can encourage you to contribute a little something (it looks like the lowest amount is £2) towards this Diamond Trust. You can donate in GBP, EUR, CAD, USD, AUD, HKD, SGD, AED, and ZAR.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

I also hope, as you can see in my url, to challenge you to do something that will give you a sense of accomplishment. You choose what it is and you reach your own goal! 🙂

Incentives to donate:

£2+: A shout-out on the blog about your blog/website/Instagram, which will also be shared on Twitter and Google+.

£10+: Shout-out AND first 5 people get a postcard from London!


The only thing I can say so far in Arabic is: Shukran! Thank you! شكرا

(On another note, I have decided to give myself an extra challenge: I will be giving up crisps, chips, chocolates (hot chocolate does not count), and other ‘candies’ for 30 days+.)

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