Castle du jour: Pevensey Castle

Back in May 2008, I visited Pevensey Castle in East Sussex with my class.

Pevensey Castle 1

The moated castle after a rainy day

Pevensey Castle 2

The historical site managed by English Heritage dates back to the 3rd Century and underwent three phases: a Roman ‘Saxon Shore’ fort, a medieval Norman castle, and a WWII garrison. What remains today are the foundations of the castle and the outer castle walls.

Pevensey - Entrance

Pevensey began as a Roman fort, known then as Anderitum/Anderida. After the end of the Roman occupation, Britons inhabited the fort until they were mercilessly slaughtered by the Saxons in 471. In 1066, William the Conqueror’s army used it as a landing place en route to Hastings. The fort became a castle around the 11th Century and remained in use, although somewhat sporadically, up to the 16th Century.

Pevensey Castle 5

Foundations of the 13th Century chapel

Pevensey Castle 3

Pevensey Castle 6

Stairway to nowhere

During WWII, the castle was used as a garrison for the Home Guard, the British and Canadian armies, and the US Army Air Corps.

Pevensey Castle 4

What’s down there?

2 thoughts on “Castle du jour: Pevensey Castle

  1. It is so easy to imagine the batles and sieges in such a dramatic scenery! What is down there indeed!

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