Happy National Aboriginal Day (Canada)!

Today, 21 June, is National Aboriginal Day in Canada. It is a day to celebrate Canada’s (or Turtle Island – for all of North America) Indigenous culture (read more here). This year, the National Aboriginal Day celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Out of the 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada, only the Northwest Territories celebrates the holiday as a statutory holiday (bank holiday). For the other provinces and territories, celebrations are usually held on the weekend closest to 21 June.

Two years ago, I attended Vancouver’s Aboriginal Day festivities at Canada Place. There, I learned to make a mini powwow drum and learned to ‘weave’ my own mini dreamcatcher.

Learned how to make a mini pow-wow drum today at #AboriginalDay Celebration @ Canada Place!

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Also learned how to make a mini dream catcher though I’ll have to redo this one. #AboriginalDay

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On the main stage, we were treated to performances by various tribes.

The Butterfly Dance

The Butterfly Dance

It is my hope that someday, newcomers and pupils will have the chance to learn more about the First Peoples, their culture and history. I hope that students in schools and universities/colleges will learn about Residential Schools just as everyone must learn about the Holocaust. I hope that we will continue to fight the discrimination that the First Nation, Inuit, and Metis face on a daily basis.

And here’s hoping that one day, National Aboriginal Day, will be a stat holiday in Canada so that all may enjoy all that the Indigenous have contributed to this nation we call our ‘home and native land’!

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