Beauty Review: Skincare Products {June}

It’s been a while since I did a beauty review so I’m starting a ‘popcorn’ review of skincare products for June. Please note that most of these tested products are samples.

Products that worked for me

  • Rodial – Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel: This gel is for volumising and sculpting facial contours. I used this as a day (and night) serum, which worked perfectly under makeup. The scent is subtle and pleasant and the gel kept my skin hydrated and smooth. I loved my sample and wish I could afford the full size!
  • Fresh Line – Hera Regenerating & Restoring Moisturising Cream: This thick cream focuses on anti-aging and was based on the study of ancient Greek recipes of Botanotherapy. I really liked how it tightened my skin and worked as an excellent palette under makeup. Unfortunately, I just found out that the ingredients (the essential oils?) are animal-tested, which is the first time I’ve seen a company so upfront about it.
  • Clé de peau Beauté – Gentle Cleansing Foam: This effective cleansing foam leaves my face tight and cleansed, and also removes waterproof mascara. However, I’ve definitely used a similar drugstore cleansing foam with the same effect. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my sample. 🙂
  • Witch Blemish Stick: This 10g tube of solid witch hazel (with other ingredients) will last up to a month if used at least twice daily. You can really feel the witch hazel on the blemishes. It’s cheap but I think the tube would be better if it could be twisted, rather than having to push the stick back down.
  • Boots – Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Blemish Stick: There’s 3.5g less but this seems to last longer than Witch did (previously mentioned). I do not find this as effective as Witch but at least the tube is easy to use and it works as a primer / anti-shine stick! (P.S. It’s cheaper online than it is in stores.)
  • Zelens – Daily Defence Sunscreen: I don’t like applying sun cream. There, I admitted it. I just don’t like the shiny look or the uncomfortable icky or greasy feeling. I was a little hesitant about this sunscreen for the face because it can make the face look really shiny, so it’s important to just keep rubbing it in – and not to use too much! I trust this product more because it was formulated by a doctor specialising in skin cancer.
  • Simple – Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes: This is one of my favourite cleansing wipes, if not my HG cleansing wipes! (The next would be from Balea but that’s only available in DM in Germany and other countries.) I can easily remove all makeup with one cloth and remove all waterproof mascara without losing eyelashes in the process. Plus my skin remains hydrated and plump. I’ve also just bought one for fighting blemishes + removing waterproof mascara which also works as effectively as the former. I can’t tell you how hard it is to find that combination.
  • Caudalie – Beauty Elixir: Highly recommended by beauty bloggers, I had to see what all the buzz was about. I don’t really believe in beauty mists unless it leaves a refreshing cool mist on my face. I’m not a fan of the spray bottle (it squirts downwards) but I like the cool feeling and will definitely bring this bottle with me the next time I’m on the plane!

Products I’m not sure about

  • GlamGlow – Youth Mud: Even my Mum raved about this magic all-in-one face mask that brightened and rejuvenated faces. My sample was enough for one and a half uses and I may or may not have done it wrong but I noticed nothing new. My skin still looked dull… and my forehead wrinkles were still there. Maybe it’s for mature skin?
  • GlamGlow – Power MudI’m using the full-size jar and although I didn’t notice anything different after my first and second use, I definitely felt the iciness and tightening on my third mask. My skin definitely looked less dull. The smell is very sweet and it instantly reminded me of the messy Biore charcoal self-heating mask. That will be your drugstore dupe there!
  • Boots – Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel: I like tea tree products that leave a cold tingling feeling on my face or else I think it’s not working. This moisturiser is so light that I use it day and night as a sort of serum. I don’t think I’ll need this product again.
  • Garnier – Moisture Match Protect: I chose the cheapest face lotion at Boots and this was on clearance for just over £1. It’s for normal, uneven skin and it comes with SPF 20. I don’t like how shiny it makes my face look (maybe it’s the SPF?) or how picky it is to use with other skincare and makeup products so I won’t be buying it again. On the plus side, it smells nice!
  • NUDE – Omega Treatment Rescue Oil: I never liked facial oils unless it’s used to remove makeup. I tested this product in April as a serum but I think it would have been more beneficial on dry skin during winter.
  • Kat Burki – Rose Hip Revitalising Serum: One of the SpaceNK assistants recommended this serum as it really helped improve her skin. I really wanted to like this serum (because I love roses) but after going through two packets, I had to tell myself that I didn’t like the texture of the serum and I found it hard to apply moisturiser on top without creating little ‘product balls’ on my face. Not all products are made for everyone.
  • Orogold Cosmetics – 24k Deep Day Moisturiser Cream: These Orogold sales assistants are pretty aggressive with trying to get you to buy their products so you have to be really firm and say no. One gave me a sample anyway. I’m not sure what I was expecting with 24k gold in my moisturiser. Maybe I thought my skin would look amazing. But no, it felt like an ordinary cream to me.

2 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Skincare Products {June}

  1. I have had Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir on my wishlist for a while! Rodial’s name for its sculpting gel is certainly attention-catching! I am off to find more information on it now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    • I bought the travel-sized bottle and used a voucher to get the bottle for almost half price! I think next time I’ll try the mist – sounds more gentle and refreshing.
      I’m sure you’ll love Rodial’s sculpting gel if you ever get a chance to sample it somewhere!

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