A Waltz for The Queen’s 90th & More

Earlier in February, André Rieu composed The Windsor Waltz in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday. In this hilarious YouTube video, a Queen-lookalike (Mary Reynolds from Middlesex) dressed in bright pink matched with black gloves, a structured patent handbag, and black shoes arrives at André’s castle in Maastricht. There, André showers her with presents, lights all 90 candles on a chocolate cake (whilst the ‘Queen’ plays on her iPad), and leads her to waltz to The Windsor Waltz, performed by his Johann Strauss Orchestra (JSO). Afterwards, the two rest in the gardens (the ‘Queen’ even offers to mow the lawn), go out hat shopping, and each enjoy a glass of beer in public. At the end of the festivities, the ‘Queen’ knights André as King of the Waltz. Enjoy the video from André’s YouTube channel!

P.S. André met The Queen after the Royal Variety Show in 2010!

I wonder if HM The Queen has listened to the Windsor Waltz (maybe even waltzed with Prince Philip?) and had a good laugh watching this video!

On the other hand, there’s Queenmania (or is it Elizabethmania?) everywhere. Just about every company has created something in honour of The Queen’s 90th. Have a look at the list below!

Queenmania Gifts

And of course, don’t forget the Royal Collection!

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