Happy 5th Blogiversary to The Lady & The Rose!

Happy 5th Birthday to my blog! In my 3rd blogiversary post, I mentioned that I started my second Wordpress account and post on the wedding day of Prince William and Catherine, 29th April 2011. My first blog post has now been deleted so there is no proof except for a wreath from WordPress:

Wordpress 5th anniversary

However, I can tell you about my memories of the Royal Wedding 2011 in five points!

  1. I took the day off work to watch the Royal Wedding at the Mathäser cinema in Munich. Being one hour ahead of England was brilliant!
  2. In hindsight, what I wore looked pretty silly: a maxi white eyelet skirt, a pink grecian top, a pink headband from Accessorize with roses. Sadly, it’s immortalised on film but I can’t remember which channel! :S
  3. I remember feeling relief when I saw Catherine’s wedding dress. It was perfect for her but not my dream wedding dress. *phew* 😉
  4. I later attended a Royal Wedding party with a cup (or three) of Pimm’s with some lovely German families.
  5. My favourite part of the Royal Wedding was seeing Prince William and Catherine driving around in the vintage Aston Martin. For a while, we couldn’t tell if it was the royal couple or not so we laughed! Alright, yes, I loved the balcony kisses too!

On that note, I wish The Duke and The Duchess of Cambridge a very happy 5th anniversary!


If you are new to The Lady & the Rose, my Blog mainly covers these top 5 topics:

  1. Period Dramas
  2. Historical Costumes, Historical Clothing, Vintage Clothing
  3. Travels
  4. Afternoon Tea
  5. Beauty (makeup, skincare, inner beauty)

To everyone else, thank you so much for sharing my blog and/or posts! It always touches me and I hope to continue to make the blog even better! I am also planning on hosting a giveaway soon so stay tuned! 😉

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