Review: Knotz Massage Tools*

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is a worldwide annual event on 22nd April when we can demonstrate support to protect the environment (and all God’s beautiful creatures on earth). We can show the different ways we help the environment and encourage more people to take action.

Today, I would like to draw your attention to Knotz Massage Tools and Save The Turtles.

I first heard of Knotz Massage Tools when Tamsin, who also enjoys period dramas, reached out to me about the company, its products, and its current campaign (until today) to support endangered sea turtles. Knotz was founded by LA-based product designer, Gregg Emmel, after a car accident left him in extreme physical pain, often accompanied by pounding headaches. After the beneficial use of a wood knot to work his back muscles, Greg created Align, then Turtle, and Muscle so that others could also alleviate their pain:

  • Align – Helps with the realignment of the vertebrae.
  • Turtle – Helps with pressure points for energy-depleted muscles.
  • Muscle – Acts like a chiropractic wedge to help with alignment and balance.
Knotz Massage Tools - Align and Turtle. Photo credit: Tamsin - Knotz Massage Tools

Knotz Massage Tools – Align and Turtle. Photo credit: Tamsin – Knotz Massage Tools

The products were launched this February and are available in three types of recycled wood (US$32.95), coloured resin (US$22.95), and granite (US$74.95). Knotz Tools will soon become available in white marble, as well as jade and crystal for their summer limited edition collection! Each tool has been uniquely carved (yes, Gregg sculpts them himself) and come in a round organic travel bag with a zipper (conveniently, each bag also contains instructions and tips on how to use your Knotz Tool). It’s very light and portable – great for home, work, and travel.

“Healing is up to us not doctors or pills. It is our responsibility to make our body whole and work as it was designed. ” – Gregg Emmel

Most of my day is spent sitting in front of a computer, typing away. In fact, I’ve been spending half my life with stiff neck, tight shoulders, and knots in my back as a result of hovering over a computer. Quite often, I waited until I had a back spasm or a kink in my neck before I sought the help of a massage therapist or chiropractor. But Gregg is right: it’s up to me to ensure that I take care of my body and help release the muscle tension before it becomes unbearable.

I received my Turtle in wood (Red Ash, I believe) which I have found very effective. This cute turtle shell-shaped self-massage tool has saved me from having to spent quite a bit on a visit to the massage therapist – although those are always nice, they can be costly – and saved my thumbs from getting too sore when applying pressure to the various knots in my shoulders and back. Since these tools are so versatile, I’ve also used the Turtle to massage the soles of my feet. It’s very, very easy to use!

My Knotz Turtle

My Knotz Turtle

Knotz has partnered with Save The Turtles, a non-profit organisation that rescues sea turtles and prevents illegal egg poaching. All seven species of sea turtles are endangered for their meat, eggs, and shells, be it for commercial products (such as sunglasses, instruments, and wall hangings) or for food (considered a delicacy in some cultures). A portion from the sales of every Knotz Turtle will go to help Save The Turtles. Today is the final day for a promotional discount of 20% off a Knotz Turtle when you enter TURTLE at check-out.

Knotz Turtle in Blue Resin. Photo credit: Tamsin - Knotz Massage Tools

Knotz Turtle in Blue Resin. Photo credit: Tamsin – Knotz Massage Tools

We shouldn’t have to live in a decade to watch more creatures go extinct so consider purchasing a Knotz Turtle for yourself and/or a family member or friend and get rid of those knots (and help fight off poachers at the same time)! 😉

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