Afternoon Tea (Easter) at Harrods’ Georgian Restaurant

Recently, my friend and her toddler daughter were visiting London and wanted to visit Harrods. After wandering about, we decided to have afternoon tea. We had thought there was only one place inside Harrods where guests could enjoy afternoon tea but later learned that just about every cafe, bar, or restaurant inside Harrods offered afternoon tea. We ended up going to the 4th floor to The Georgian to have tea there. None of the restaurants required reservations and I wondered if it had to do with the number of tables available. We were given a round table with a plush red modern canapé to sit on.

The Georgian Restaurant

The Georgian Restaurant

The Georgian Restaurant was opened in 1911 (1913 according to Harrods website) in honour of the coronation of King George V. The interior decor today is inspired by the elegance of the 1920’s and 1930’s. A live pianist performs on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, unless it’s one’s birthday, in which case, someone might play Happy Birthday!

Mosaic walls, silver plated facade of Harrods, and bespoke furniture by Christopher Guy

Mosaic walls, silver plated facade of Harrods, and bespoke furniture by Christopher Guy

There are three afternoon tea options to choose from: Georgian (£39), Champagne (£49.50), and Luxury (£52.50). There is a 12.5% service charge added to the bill and points can be collected on your Harrods membership card. We settled for the Georgian Afternoon Tea and, since it was almost Easter, our pastries dish had a merengue chick and mini chocolate eggs.

  • Harrods’ fine tea – I chose the 1849 Blend, created to commemorate Harrods’ 150th anniversary with a blend from five historic tea-growing regions in India.
  • A selection of finger sandwiches: salmon, eggs and cress, beef, pizza quiche, and one more sandwich
  • Easter-themed pastries
  • Plain and dried fruit scones served with warm clotted cream, strawberry jam, rose-petal jelly, and homemade lemon curd
  • A Harrods Trifle
Georgian Afternoon Tea

Georgian Afternoon Tea

I enjoyed all of the sandwiches but did not feel hungry enough for seconds. Out of the creams and jams offered for the scones, I stuck with rose-petal jelly as I love anything rose-flavoured. This jelly in particular tasted a little like strawberry and roses to me. As usual, by the time I had finished my scones, I had very little room for pastries. (This is probably why I usually dread scones.) We didn’t realise that the trifle was also part of the tea service so I forced myself to eat everything and sacrificed half of the chocolate ball from the pastries dish.

Having said that, ladies and gentlemen, I always recommend wearing something very comfortable – something that won’t constrict your chest or waist!

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Just in case you’re thinking of bringing your baby or toddler along, there are high chairs available in the form of a raised mini armchair (anything that falls onto the seat, stays in the seat). The one minor downside is having to carry pushchairs or prams a few steps to the restaurant. There is another way to enter and exit via a lift from the back of the restaurant but since we weren’t too familiar with the layout of the department store, we had entered through the Disney store first. The lifts, by the way, are by Otis and still feature the old-fashioned buttons and handles!

Harrods Otis Lift

Harrods Otis Lift

Overall, I enjoyed my tea experience at Harrods and would recommend it to anyone, depending on your budget. It’s a lovely place to have some peace and quiet and to enjoy the company of those with whom you’re having tea.

Have a blessed Easter!

Location: 4th Floor, Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Road

Hours: Monday-Saturday 11.30-20.00; Sunday 11.30-18.00

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