Ivan Sayers’ Irish and Green Vintage Collection

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Today’s post is a selection of Irish and green vintage clothing from the collection of Vancouver fashion historian and collector, Ivan Sayers. I began modelling for fashion historian and collector Ivan Sayers in March 2013. My first show was for SMOC (The Society for the Museum of Original Costume) called “The Wearin’ O’ Green”. The photo gallery below are from four different fashion shows. Unfortunately, I do not remember the details of all the dresses so you might have to contact Ivan Sayers in Vancouver. Some of these dresses are from Ireland and/or were designed by Irish designers. Others are just some of the green dresses, coats, shoes, and accessories from his private collection.

For the time being, Ivan’s private collection is stored in his home. One day, Vancouver will have its very own museum of fashion and textiles so I encourage you to attend his fashion lectures and, if you can and are passionate about this cause, contribute to the fundraising for a museum.

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