Dealing with Downton Withdrawal

Sunday evenings haven’t been the same without Downton Abbey in the UK, and, as of yesterday, Canada and the US.


Thank you for the last 5 years, Downton Abbey!

So, what else is there that’s similar to Downton Abbey?

  • Gran Hotel (TV series 2011-2013) – This is Spain’s Downton and I prefer GH to DA. Sorry. There’s romance, crime, beautiful costumes and music, gorgeous actors, and comedy! (Yes, not too different than DA.) There are only 3 series but each series has 22 episodes or so, so that’s no different than Downton’s S1-5. (trailer)
  • BBC’s Upstairs, Downstairs (TV series 2010-2012) – This is the remake of ITV’s 1970’s series and it was my favourite until I watched S2. No wonder it wasn’t renewed. So just stop at S1. (trailer)
  • Gosford Park (Movie 2001) – A crime drama set in the 1930’s written by Julian and also features our beloved Dame Maggie (as well as an excellent cast). Beautiful music too! (trailer)
  • Gilded Age (in development) – See the younger Crawleys (i.e. Lord Grantham, Countess Grantham) in New York back in the Victorian era. First, let Julian Fellowes finish penning the script.

A few more that have a similar concept but take place in the commercial world (rich customers and shop assistants):

  • BBC’s The Paradise (TV series 2012-2013)- Victorian shopping in a store that I would have loved to shop in, had I lived during the 1800’s (assuming I had wealth, of course). Sadly, the series ended after S2 but once again, S1 was the best! (trailer)
  • ITV’s Mr Selfridge (TV series 2013-2016) – Harry Selfridge (aka Jeremy Piven) makes shopping fun since 1909! He also makes us think he’d be our favourite boss. (trailer)
  • Velvet (TV series 2013-Present) – Spain’s ‘Mr Selfridge’ but set in the 1950’s. I’ve only watched snippets of it and stopped because I can’t stand romances that don’t work out. (trailer)

Other period dramas written by Julian Fellowes:

  • Doctor Thorne (TV Miniseries 2016) – Set in the Victorian era, it’s clear that money and class are major issues. First world problems which we 21st Century middle-class commoners are spared. Many are already calling this the new Downton but I think any new period drama that’s very good is going to be called the new Downton.  BBC’s Poldark is one of the new Downton‘s.
  • From Time to Time (Movie 2009) – There’s time travel and you can discover the secrets of an old manor house. Plus Dame Maggie’s in it.
  • ITV’s Titanic (TV Miniseries 2012) – It’s not the 1997 Titanic but it also deals with characters in different classes.
  • Vanity Fair (Movie 2004) – Climbing up the social ladder, money, class during the Regency era.
  • The Young Victoria (Movie 2009) – One of the best romance period dramas!

If none of these will ever fill the Downton gap, you can always rewatch your favourite episodes. 😉

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