Munich: Café Katzentempel

I visited Café Katzentempel in Munich back in May. This was my first cat cafe and I missed my two cats back in Vancouver so I needed some cat therapy. In fact, anyone who needs to de-stress and is not allergic to – or dislikes :S – cats should come here!

Sleeping Jack (I think?)


Sleeping Robyn or Saphira

When I arrived at the cat cafe, it was early afternoon (or late morning) so all six resident cats were taking their cat nap. I decided to sit across from one of the sleeping cats (Jack?) although in hindsight, I should have sat next to the cat.


Frühstück Klein with Großer Grüner Smoothie (big green smoothie)

Everything at this cafe is vegan. I ordered a large green smoothie (6,90€) and the Frühstück Klein (lit. small breakfast for 5,90€), which included five slices of bread with one salty dip and two marmalades. I felt awful for having to waste the marmalades because the dip was incredible but I didn’t have enough bread left over for the marmalades.

They have all day breakfast and other meals and beverages available on their menu.

For more photos of cat cuteness, visit the cafe’s Fotogalerie or their Instagram (@cafekatzentempel)!

Interesting Fact: The very first cat cafe opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998 (I did not know this and I was living in Taipei at that point).

I’m hoping I’ll get to visit a cat cafe in London this year. 🙂

Address: Türkenstraße 29

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 11-20:00
Sat: 10-20:00
Sun: 10-18:00
*Check website for holiday schedule.


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