1950’s Green Velvet Dress

When I first saw this 1950’s green velvet dress, I knew I had to have it. As you may know, green is one of my favourite colours and I wanted something I could wear for Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, and other formal (or informal) functions. I was surprised it hadn’t sold already so when my friend, Beckiy at Trunk of Dresses, reposted the photo on her Instagram, I claimed it right away. Thankfully, the dress fit me perfectly (minus the fact that I’m not as well endowed up top) and Beckiy was willing to part with the dress that had previously fit her (I want her body!). The label on the dress reads Southampton, but beyond that, I don’t know anything else. It’s rare to find velvet dresses in such mint condition!


A photo posted by V (@ladyandtherose) on


This dress has travelled with me all over since I purchased it in 2014 in Vancouver, Canada: Russia, China, France, Germany, and England. Who knows where else this dress will go!

1950's Green Dress

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