A Princess For Christmas Dress

Have you ever seen a photo or watched a film of someone wearing the same article of clothing/shoes you own?

I noticed Katie McGrath, whose character Jules Daly in Hallmark’s A Princess For Christmas marries a prince, wore the same knit dress I own! The funny thing is that it took me a while before I realised why it looked so familiar – even though it’s a dress I wear quite often during winter!

The knit dress is from Zara‘s TRF collection from 2010. It came in three colours: off-white & navy, navy & off-white, and burgundy & off-white. I settled on the off-white in size M and I remember regretting my choice and wanting navy or burgundy or size S but I could neither return nor exchange the item. (A month later in Germany, all of the dresses were more than 50-70% off… I was fuming!) As you can see, this Fair Isle / Nordic dress features reindeer and snowflakes. I personally think that I am a little too skinny for this dress because the cute sleeves make me look like an NFL/CFL footballer (who wear the most horrendous uniforms, in my opinion). For a while, I was uncertain about the dress so I always wore a cardigan to cover the sleeves. Still, something didn’t look right and when I watched the TV movie, I realised I was missing a belt. However, I still haven’t found the perfect waist belt.

Looking for your own Fair Isle / Nordic winter dress or skirt? Take a look at some options below: