Dinner at Cafe Diana

I passed by Cafe Diana on Bayswater Road (address is 5 Wellington Terrace), between Notting Hill Gate and Queensway stations, during my first week in London last month but didn’t go in to eat until today. Established in 1989, the cafe was formerly known as Cafe Diana’s Patisserie. The cafe restaurant serves a full English breakfast (a variety listed), kebabs, sandwiches, and soups. Everything is quite affordable, with £12 being the most expensive item on the menu.

Cafe Diana

The exterior and interior of the restaurant are covered with photos of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, who was herself a former customer at the cafe many years ago. (After all, the cafe is but a stone’s throw away from Kensington Palace.) I sat at a table next to a framed article from The People in December 1989 that recounted Diana’s visit to the cafe with her two wee princes, William and Harry, for a glass of orange juice. The staff gave William a green paper crown to wear. Above the article are two framed photos of Diana with the owner (and staff?) of the cafe.

Photos of Diana

Photos of Diana on the right wall

People article

People article

More photos of Diana on the left wall

For dinner, I enjoyed the chicken tikka kebab (£10) with salad and pita bread, one of their highly recommended dishes. It is listed under Diana so I wonder if that was one of her favourite dishes (I didn’t ask). Since I have a really tight budget, I passed on ordering a drink.

Chicken Tikki Kebab with salad

Chicken Tikki Kebab with salad

Update (Summer 2016): The owner connected the original Cafe to the new restaurant at 6 Wellington Terrace so that diners will never be turned away for lack of seats and tables.

Diana Cafe Restaurant


Lots of photos of Diana!

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