Lest We Forget: Films on Two World Wars

PoppyOn Remembrance Day, we take the time to remember those who perished during the war (since 1914) and thank the veterans and those currently deployed in peacekeeping missions. I have a tradition where I watch films on WWI or WWII during Remembrance Week or on Remembrance Day. It’s my way of remembering what those before us went through and how far we’ve come. So here’s a compilation of movies, TV movies, TV series and mini-series on WWI and WWII:

The Great War / WWI (1914-1918)

WWII (1939-1946)


I conclude that should more WWI and WWII films be made, I would like to see more diversity. Let us not forget that those of different ethnic backgrounds fought/served side by side. Today there are plenty of actors and background actors of ‘visible minority’ so there’s no excuse to not include them in scenes. There are also plenty of stories from veterans and non-veterans who have shared their experiences (Canada’s The Memory Project is a good source). So movie directors/producers/writers, go and make a film on how ethnicity played a role during the wartime.

7 thoughts on “Lest We Forget: Films on Two World Wars

  1. I watched Suite Francaise a few days ago ‘in honour’ of Remembrance Day! I thought the ending was a bit abrupt, but it was a lovely film. While I don’t admire the mother-in-law’s ruthlessness, I love her poise under duress.

    • I didn’t end up watching any war films until yesterday! I watched Generation War and felt so depressed. I haven’t seen Suite Francaise yet but it’s on my to watch list! Hopefully Netflix will release it soon…

  2. Great list! I’d like to suggest a Filipino film about the WWII called ‘Oro, Plata, Mata’. And by the way, I watched ‘Ever After’ as you suggested. I love it so much ❤ Drew Barrymore was perfect in it and indeed it was such a lovely take on Cinderella.


    • Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll add it to the list! 🙂

      I’m so glad you watched Ever After! You see why I love it, don’t you? I remember wishing that the story was true because it was just too romantic. Sadly, no Cinderella ever married into the royal family…

  3. Quite a few notable absences in this lineup; Saving Private Ryan, Bridge on River Kwai, Great Escape, Dirty Dozen, Lawrence of Arabia, Wonder Woman.

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