Caffè Cittadella

I visited Caffè Cittadella at the end of September when I was temping near West 7th Ave in Vancouver for a couple of days. I had passed by this cute heritage house before but never had the chance to go inside. From what I found out online (thank you whoever took the photo of the heritage plaque!), the house was built in 1894 and served as the residence of James and Emma Shaw. Once facing 7th Avenue, it was one of the first houses to be built on the Fairview Slopes. At one point, the house remained vacant for years and naturally, started to deteriorate. In 2003, the house was turned to face Ash street. 7 years later, the caffe opened its doors!

With so many unprotected or what I call ‘partially protected’ heritage buildings being demolished these days, it is always such a relief when they’re saved and resurrected into a cafe, tea salon, or restaurant so that all may have the chance to experience what it was like to ‘live’ in these houses.

Although the exterior may be grey with orangey-red lining, the cream yellow and brown interior makes the house warmer and homey. There are two floors but I didn’t bother going upstairs so I cannot tell you what it looked like. Since it was a fine day, I had Erin’s To-Die-For Banana Bread and a cup of chai latte outside on the porch.

La Cittadella - Porch

A place to sit across from me

La Cittadella - Chai Tea Latte

My delicious Chai Latte

Prices are affordable so I’d recommend coming here if you want to stay away from coffee chainstores. 🙂

Address: 2310 Ash St.
Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 7-19:00
Sat: 8-19:00
Sun: 8-18:00


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