Paris: Repetto Boutique

Dear readers,

I will temporarily return to blogging on Paris as I prepare for my big move to London. Today I will share with you a few photos I’d taken from the Repetto flagship boutique on 22, rue de la Paix near the Opera Garnier in Paris back in April.

Repetto on 22, rue de la Paix

Repetto – A Brief History

Repetto is a ballet shoe and clothing company from France. It all began in 1947 when Rose Repetto made her first ballet slippers on the advice of her dancer/choreographer son, Roland Petit. In 1959, Madame Repetto opened her first boutique on 22, rue de la Paix, and was soon frequented by prima ballerinas, including Rudolf Nureyev, for their dance garments and shoes! The famous logo (brand in ‘typewriter font’) was designed in 1964. By 2012, Repetto had its first read-to-wear ballet-inspired clothing collection and in 2013, debuted its first eau de parfum. Today, Repetto is a beloved brand for dancers and non-dancers alike!

Cendrillon – The Iconic Ballerinas

Cendrillon is French for Cinderella. Rose Repetto first created the ‘Cendrillon’ ballerinas for French actress, singer, and model, Brigitte Bardot. Brigitte, by the way, had trained as a ballerina, and wanted a pair of street shoes as delicate and as comfortable as ballet slippers. Her red patent Repetto ballerinas, paired with cropped red trousers and a Breton top, premiered in the film, ‘Et Dieu créa la femme‘ (And God Created Woman). Repetto now has a line of pointed-toe Brigitte ballerinas.

Brigitte Bardot wearing the Repetto ballerinas

The Cendrillon are low-cut ballerinas trimmed with grosgrain. Like ballet slippers, the elastic bow can be adjusted for a better fit. The ballerinas are padded in the heels for comfort and feature white soles.  Prices range from 185 to just under 300€, depending on the material and/or colour.  All shoes are made from the finest leather in Saint Medard d’Excideuil in Dordogne, France with the ‘stitch and return’ technique.

The Repetto Pointe Shoe

Repetto ballerina perfume testing strips inside a Repetto pointe shoe

Although I have never tried a pair of Repetto pointe shoes, there are three styles available: Julieta (more suitable for beginners), Alicia (more experienced dancers), and La Carlotta (professional dancers who would like a less noise on stage). Prices are very reasonable too as they cost 53, 58, and 62 respectively.

Repetto Boutique

The main floor of the flagship store is dedicated to ready-to-wear clothing, handbags, and shoes. The far wall is lined with pointe shoes and there is even a barre for dancers to balance on as they try on some pairs.


Pointe shoes with custom-made Odette tutu

L’Atelier Repetto

Looking for ballet slippers or garments? Or perhaps you would like to have a custom pair of Repetto ballerinas or Zizis made? Head upstairs to the first floor! At the top of the flight of stairs, you will see a beautiful stained glass window created just for the boutique, featuring six dancing ladies intertwined with ribbons. At the next flight of stairs, you will see a few mannequins wearing custom-made tutus and ballet costumes. I did not take any photos from that floor but I assure you it’s every dancer’s dream to be on that floor! Those working on the floor either in sales and/or in sewing were very polite. I left the store with a pair of acrylic shorts, which, by the way, are very comfortable and I’ve put it for sale on eBay. In hindsight, I wish I had also bought the Repetto Eau Florale as it was the perfect combination of sweet and floral.

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