My Mary Poppins Costume

Today is the 51st anniversary of the Disney film, Mary Poppins, so I’m sharing with you my belated post on my 2014 Halloween costume!

Mary Poppins goes to work!

Coat: long black wool coat from Le Chateau | Blazer: black blazer from H&M|Blouse: ‘Victorian’-inspired polyester blouse from eBay | Bow: Blue bow hair clip from Claire’s | Skirt: Vintage navy blue with mixed fabric skirt from ifound Gallery | Belt: Red bow elastic belt from Le Chateau | Hat: Black mini boater by The Saucy Milliner, trimmed with white ribbon by me | Umbrella: Black portable umbrella from Dollarama | Purse: Vintage black embroidered purse from Germany

Last October, I had no plans to dress up for Halloween. I didn’t have a costume at home nor did I want to spend money on one. The idea of dressing up as Mary Poppins popped into my head the day before Halloween, just as I was about to toss the daily newspaper in the recycling bin. There on the front page of the Vancouver Sun was an ad for the Mary Poppins musical. I realised that I already had most of her nanny/governess outfit save for a bow for the collar, a belt (which turned out to be inessential), and a black umbrella.

I am happy to say that just about everyone recognised whom I was dressed up as. Since it was drizzling that day, it made perfect sense to carry my umbrella just as Mary did. 🙂

So next time you need a costume, have a look inside your wardrobe and see whom you’ll be able to dress up as!

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