The Best Travel Apps

Thank goodness for technology! No more wasting time trying to calculate this and that or bringing a stack of loose papers with you. The following FREE apps for your smartphone will make travelling a lot easier! Please note: 1) most of the links are for iPhones so you’ll have to google the links for Android phones; 2) I haven’t tested all the apps but from what I’ve read or seen, they’re well-recommended!


Planning your trip

  • Flight/Trains Research
    • Rome2Rio – Find out the cheapest way to get there by plane, train, bus, ferry, and car
    • Hopper – Find out the best time to book for the best price
  • Paperless itineraries
    • TripCase – Store your flights, hotel reservations, and anything else here. Con: you have to forward them to an email.
    • TripIt – This is the #1 recommended app (pro: it will find the information from your emails) but I preferred TripCase. TripIt really encourages users to download TripIt Pro.
  • Pack with PackPoint – But I still prefer paper. I like being able to strike off what I’ve packed with a pen or pencil. 😛

From the airport to the sky

  • Flight changes?
    • App in the Air – This app will take you from check-in to your arrival in the destination city. Find out when you’ll be landing, which terminal you’ll be arriving at, and more!
    • FlightAware
    • Gate Guru – Flight/gate updates and check out what’s at the airport
  • No more jet lags with Jet Lag Rooster – In the past, I would check the time in my destination country and sleep based on that schedule. This app will tell you when to sleep and when to wake up!

In your destination city

  • Need wi-fi where you are? Read more about Wi-Fi Finder here.
  • Need a place to stay?
    • AirBnB – Stay at someone else’s home instead of the regular hostel or hotel
    • Roomer – Get a discounted hotel stay from those who’ve had to cancel their trip
    • HotelTonight – Last-minute hotel deals
  • Language Communication
  • Getting around town
    • Find the transit app, if there is one, for the city you’re travelling to. E.g. Munich (MVV), Paris (RATP), Toronto (GO)
    • OR find out the best travelling route (cabbing, driving, walking, cycling, taking transit) and cost with
      • City Mapper – it even includes offline transit maps, and any disruptions
      • TripGo – Similar to City Mapper
    • Hail a cab with:
  • Offline Maps (in case there’s no wifi or data)
    • AroundMe – Look for the nearest bank, cafe, hotel, gas station, etc.
    • Google Maps – You can download an offline map beforehand
    • Maplets ($2.99)
    • Ulmon – Includes information on popular destinations within the city
  •  Finance
    • XE Currency – Check multiple currencies at once
    • Fancy Tips – Save yourself from having to google the tip amount for every country AND pulling out your calculator
  • Desperately need the loo? Flush Toilet Finder will save you from doing the pee dance.
  • Forgot something on your laptop/computer at home? LogMeIn allows you to remotely access documents or movies from your laptop or computer
  • Keeping in touch (free calls and texts)
    • FaceTime – Like video skyping but for iPhone users
    • As long as you’re using wifi or data, sending texts via iMessage is also free!
    • WhatsApp
    • Line
    • WeChat
    • Skype – Aside from calling accounts for free, you can also call landlines and mobile lines for much less than calling with a phone card!
  • Want to mail a personalised postcard?
    • Postagram – Send a postcard with a pop-out square photo for 99cents (US) to $1.99 worldwide
    • Postcard On the Run – Send a postcard from $2.49-2.99. You can even include a scratch ‘n sniff option!
    • More options and reviews here.
  • Some more suggestions:
    • Does your mobile phone company have an app? This might be useful if you need to use data or calls/texts so you can monitor your usage.
    • Taking the train? Download the apps for Eurostar, SNCF, Deutsche Bahn, Eurail, etc.
    • Uploading #latergram photos from your travels? If your phone does not have geolocation information embedded in the photos, use Mappr before uploading the photo to Instagram.

Bon voyage!

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