If Kings Were Working Commoners Today

For a while, I’ve wondered what some kings from the past would do professionally today if they were not in power. Read on and have fun! :o)

Henry VIII – Womaniser, you’re a womaniser… It doesn’t matter what Henry’s profession would be. He’d be notorious for being a player. Either way, I’m certain he hates me and I don’t want to be anywhere near him.

King Louis XIV – Louis would be a ballet teacher, specialising in Baroque dance. He aspired to be a ballet dancer until an injury forced him to turn to teaching. If I were in his class, he would think I would be his prize student only to realise to his dismay that I am not and then banish me from his classes. Forever.

King Louis XVI – The husband of Marie Antoinette would be, without a doubt, a locksmith. I’m not sure if he’d still be married to Marie Antoinette, in fact. Perhaps they’d have never even met, for one…

Ludwig II – Oh what could Ludwig be? An architect? Art collector? Opera enthusiast? I’m sure he could be all of them. I think Ludwig and I would be good friends due to our common interests. Yes, let’s build more beautiful palaces with swan motifs! Money? Hmm, problem there. Oh, plus I might have to pass on the Wagner operas. Sorry, Ludwig. 😦


I’d love to know what your thoughts are for these and other monarchs!

2 thoughts on “If Kings Were Working Commoners Today

  1. HAHAHA! This was a fun post. 🙂 Yea…sometimes it seems they wouldn’t be able to do much else.

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