Loonie Toonie Finds: Dollarama & Daiso

Planning a bedroom makeover? Planning a birthday party? Running out of household or stationary supplies? Look no further than Dollarama and Daiso!

Favourite Finds from Dollarama

Items start at $1 and some, such as sweets, are 50 cents (but you have to buy 2). Most products, however, are around $2.

  • Butterfly wall decal sticker – Inspired by Serena van der Woodsen’s butterfly bedroom in Gossip Girl, this has helped made my room look brighter, capturing more light. There are also mirror decal stickers with words (hope, happiness, love, etc.) and birds for $2.

My favourite wall decal for $2

  • Pet lint roller – This is the only lint roller I use. It removes so much more hair and lint than ordinary lint rollers. Plus the horizontal paint-roller handle is easier to use than the regular vertical baton handle.
  • Laminated map – Pin (or use a marker) where you’ve been and where you want to travel to!
  • Hair products – All at a discount! Note, however, that some travel-sized products may end up being cheaper at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, or even Winners.
  • Stationary – Envelopes, pens, pencils, notepads, baby shower or wedding invites, birthday cards… Not all of them look that awful either!

Toonie Deals at Daiso

Daisy is your one-stop shopping destination. Anything from beauty products to kitchen utensils to Japanese snacks. The majority of items at Daiso are $2 though imported Japanese snacks, sweets, and beverages can cost more (but usually under $10). Many prefer Daiso for more affordable ‘upscale’ products.

Vancouver residents: The two-storey Daiso is located in Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, BC. A similar Japanese store is located in Tinseltown (now known as International Village) in Chinatown.

  • Garment Bag – Protect your dresses, coats, and suits! There are many sizes and colours available but this one (pictured below) was the best (albeit just a tad too short for my longer gowns). It even features a small window so you’ll know what’s in each bag.

My favourite garment bag.

  • Boots protector bag – So your shoes won’t collect dust. 🙂
  • Boot shapers – My favourite kind is the flat plastic sheet that you can roll up and insert into your boots. Makes it easier for packing too.
  • Shoe stretcher – Just in case a visit to the cobbler’s to stretch your shoes is a bit out of your budget.
  • Shoe deodoriser – These are usually charcoal filled bean bags that you can stick in your shoes.
  • Silicone spoon holder lid – Remember my Tea for One post? I found a spoon holder lid! They have hearts or strawberries.
  • Eyelash cover – If you’re like me, getting mascara all over your lids, this tool will keep your lids safe from mascara while you’re applying! Having said that, I haven’t used it as much but the comb helps separate the lashes.
  • Cotton pad container – It looks like Anna Sui! Comes in clear and pink (I think).
  • Hairbrush net – Tired of plucking out your hair from your hairbrush? This blush mesh net will make it easier for you to remove all the lost hair in one sweep.
  • Plethora of beauty products and refills – charcoal face masks, mascara, foundation, false lashes, etc.

Cotton Pad Container & Hair Brush Net

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