Mixed Royals

I’m starting this month with a Mixed-Month-May post! Many (girls and women) have often asked if it would be possible for a prince or king to marry someone of ‘visible minority’. Of course, it always depends on the royal member but interracial unions have taken place in the past century (I’m sure it’s centuries too) and last decade. I would like to introduce my readers to some of the mixed-race royals (in this case, anyone with some sort of royal association) around the world!

  • King Abdullah II of Jordan (½ English & ½ Jordanian) – The son of King Hussein and his second wife, an ethnically British Third Culture Kid (she spent her childhood in Malaysia), Antoinette Avril Gardiner. He has three siblings. He is married to Queen Rania of Jordan and together, they have four children. Interesting fact: he is a Trekkie and even got to be an extra in Star Trek: Voyager‘s ‘Investigations’ episode.
  • Alexandra (née Manley), Countess of Frederiksborg (¼ British, ¼ Chinese & ¼ Czech, ¼ Austrian) – The Countess of Frederiksborg was the first wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark. Perhaps because Alexandra was born and raised in Hong Kong and has more prominent Asian features, she was considered the Hong Kong or Asian wife. I find this particularly amusing because she’s only 1/4 Chinese, not to mention she never learned to speak Mandarin or Cantonese. (By the way, not learning Mandarin or Cantonese was quite common in British Hong Kong.) She became very popular and was dubbed as the ‘[Princess] Diana of the North’ for her fashion sense and charity work. Even the Queen of Denmark must have liked her a lot, so much that, after the divorce in 2005, Alexandra was given the personal title, Countess of Frederiksborg, on her birthday in 2005. How cool is that? 🙂 Alexandra has two sons, Princes Nikolai (born in 1999) and Felix of Denmark (born in 2002).
Countess of Frederiksborg photo Copy20of20maj2003202003.jpg

Photo from dzhsx’s Photobucket

  • Alexandre Coste (½ European & ½ Togolese) – Born in 2003, Alexandre is the son of Prince Albert II of Monaco and  fashion designer, Nicole Coste. As he was born out of wedlock, he is not in the line of succession. In an article last year, his mother complained how difficult it was for her son to see Prince Albert ever since Albert married Charlene. Poor Alexandre. 😦
  • Prince Alfons of Liechtenstein (½ European & ½ Afro-Panamanian) – The only child of Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein (second son of Prince Hans-Adam II) and fashion designer Angela Gisela (née Brown) was born in 2001. Angela is the first person of African origin to marry into a member of European royalty. Prince Alfons is in the line of succession.
  • Pengiran Anak Sarah (½ Bruneian & ½ Swiss) – The daughter of a distant member of the royal family (but still considered to be a commoner), PAS married the Crown Prince of Brunei when she was 17 and he 30. The wedding ceremony was dubbed the ‘Asian wedding of the year’. She was still able to attend university and graduated with first class honours in 2010. The couple have two children: a son, Pengiran Muda Abdul Muntaqim (born in 2007), and a daughter, Pengiran Anak Muneerah Madhul (born in 2011).
  • Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex (½ African-American & ½ European-American) – The Duchess of Sussex is the wife of Prince Harry. The former American actress and blogger has always been a humanitarian and feminist. She spent six years in Toronto where she filmed Suits and was also a global ambassador for World Vision Canada. I found it interesting that she has supported Canadian fashion more than the average Canadian! This post may very well be updated again as I’m certain she and Harry will have children of their own in the near future.
  • Queen Noor (formerly Lisa Najeeb Halabyof Jordan (Syrian, English, Swedish) – Queen Noor is the fourth (and last) wife of the late King Hussein. They have four children: Prince Hamzah (born in 1980), Prince Hashim (born in 1981), Princess Iman (born in 1983), Princess Raiyah (born in 1986). Her eldest son was Crown Prince until 2004, when Abdullah II’s son was named as Crown Prince. You can find the Queen on Twitter at @QueenNoor. 🙂
  • Prince Palden and Princess Hope of Sikkim (½ Sikkimese & ½ European-American) – These two siblings were born to the last King of Sikkim (now part of India) and an American, Hope Cooke. When the monarchy was abolished in 1975, Hope took her children to live in the USA. Palden is now married and has three children, while his sister Hope is married.
  • Princess Rahma, Princess Sumaya, Princess Badiya, and Prince Rashid (½ Jordanian & ½ Pakistani Mujahir) – The children of Prince Hassan bin Al-Talal of Jordan and Sarvath (née  Ikramullah) are all married and have their own children. 🙂 But what is more fascinating is how their parents met. They were both 11 (born in 1947) when they met in London; they were married 10 years later in 1968. For 34 years, from 1965-1999, Hassan was a Crown Prince until his nephew, Abdullah, was named CP of Jordan.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I have tried to record as many as I could find (in 2014) but I would recommend visiting NettyRoyal for more!

2 thoughts on “Mixed Royals

  1. Hi there, Lady! It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve visited. I really loved this post. I didn’t know there were many royals who are of “minorities”, and it’s nice to see some Asians in the mix~ 🙂 Those royals, descendants from back in the days even feel like they’ve vanished off the face of the planet. All we really know of nowadays is THE Royal Family of the UK. So I enjoyed this post!

    • Yes, you must be busy with work and research! I’m glad you loved this post. 🙂 Not a lot of people know that there are ‘minorities’ (very soon to be known as visible majorities, methinks) who’ve married into royal families. Who knows what the future may bring!

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