Review: Birchbox Canada (Dec 2014)

Yes, I’m aware my review is 4 months late, but better now than later!

When I found out that Birchbox was finally launching its beauty subscription boxes in Canada, I had to sign up for one box. Birchbox had been highly praised by my friends from the South (as in the US of A) as it had the best value for the products provided. The first box for December 2014 arrived just a couple of weeks before Christmas. Mine arrived in a small box that was unfortunately crunched by Canada Post (I forgive you; the box was recycled).

Each box costs C$10, plus $4.95 for shipping & handling.* You can save money by signing up for a 1 year subscription for $100/year, shipping and handling included. That saves you $20 (2 boxes) + $49.50 (shipping & handling for 10 months) = $69.50 for the year. 🙂

*If you’re signing up for just one box, Topbox gives you four beauty samples for C$12 and free shipping. There may or may not be a deal for a one year subsription.

Birchbox Canada’s first box: Dec 2014

  • Harvey Prince ageless liquid loofah
    • Orig. full size price: C$26
    • For: body
    • Benefits: Free of parabens, silicones, sulfates, ethanol, phthalates, benzene, GMOs, triclosan, and never tested on animals. Softens the skin.
    • Use: You know how to shower. 🙂
    • Review: I thought this meant exfoliating shower gel (with seeds) but it’s just a regular scented shower gel with grapefruit, mango, and sandalwood.
    • Rebuy?: No. Plenty of other better and cheaper shower gels.
  • amika Nourishing Mask
    • Orig. full size price: C$31
    • For: hair
    • Benefits: paraben-free treatment with sea buckthorn berry to condition and repair hair.
    • Use: Once a week for 5-10 min onto the lengths and ends of damp hair.
    • Review: Really liked this hair mask. Detangled and scented my hair.
    • Rebuy?: Not necessarily. There are more affordable hair masks and conditioners that produce the same results.
  • Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner
    • Orig. full size price: C$18
    • For: eyelids
    • Benefits: vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free.
    • Use: You have 30-seconds to smudge for a smoky eye, otherwise, let dry.
    • Review: Best luxe creamy liner I’ve used! It’s not entirely smudge-proof all day, especially with naturally oily eyelids.
    • Rebuy? Very likely unless I find a better one!
  • Benefit Cosmetics High Beam
    • Orig. full size price:  C$32
    • For: brow bone, cheeks, nose
    • Benefits: long-lasting dewy finish.
    • Use: Highlight on face or over makeup.
    • Review: This liquid highlighter has a soft pink shimmer and isn’t too different from the cream highlighter stick, watt’s up!
    • Rebuy?: No. I’m personally not into having the ‘illuminated’ or shimmery look.
  • Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
    • Orig. full size price: C$34
    • For: face
    • Benefits: For all skin types
    • Use: 3-5 times a week (most dermatologists would recommend once a week)
    • Review: Feels like a microdermabrasion and leaves face feeling soft and brighter.
    • Rebuy?: Probably, unless I find something cheaper.

Just because I wouldn’t rebuy many of these products doesn’t mean I was displeased with Birchbox. I prefer sample or travel sizes as these products are guaranteed to be used and finished within the year. If I were still in Vancouver, I’d most likely would subscribe for the year. So far, many Canadian subscribers have been very happy with their Birchbox subscription.  In the meantime, I’ll be saving as much money as I can!

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