My Top 10 Favourite Photo Apps

If you enjoy taking and sharing photos, take a look at my top 10 favourite photo iPhone apps! Many of these apps are available for Android phones as well.

  1. AppOfTheDay – Download this free app to see which paid apps will become free for 24 hours. I’ve downloaded several good photo-editing apps from here.
  2. Instagram – Thank goodness for the new photo editing options! Did you know you can also edit the location and caption when you click on the bottom right button with the three dots? Now you don’t have to post again when you think of hashtags to add. 😉
  3. Instasize – You don’t want to crop a photo so let Instasize create a square image for you. Text and background (even glittery ones!) can be added.
  4. Moldiv – With Moldiv, you can create square or rectangular collages, and even adjust the layout borders. It also includes text and sticker options.
  5. InstaVid – Like Moldiv, you can create square collages with videos and/or photos.
  6. PhotoPower – All the photo editing options including turning your photos into paintings, sketches, and mosaics!
  7. Repost for Instagram – No need to take a photo of someone’s Instagram photo and repost it to your own. The Repost app will let you select which photo you want to regram.
  8. TimerCam – Don’t want to take a selfie or perhaps you need to take a photo of your full outfit? Prop your phone and select the time needed. Not that the new iPhone 6 phones includes a timer.
  9. Twitter – Now you can select up to 4 photos to upload to Twitter, and even include 10-second film clips!
  10. eZy Watermark Pro Lite – An easy way to watermark your photos. I used to use PhotoMarkr but found the selection of fonts limited. An alternative is iWatermark.

Do you have a favourite photo-editing or photo-capturing app? Let me know!

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