Munich Goes Green for St Paddy’s

Shortly after half past 6 in the evening, the green lights illuminated the Neues Rathaus to cheers from the ‘flash mob’ crowd gathering at Marienplatz in München. This was supposedly the first time the New Town Hall had been lit green in honour of St Patrick’s Day and the Irish living in Bavaria, but the second time the Allianz Arena was lit green.

Rathaus-St Paddy-green

A green facade for one night

Rathaus-St Paddy-green 2

Once the photos had been snapped and the fascination wore off, many of the attendees wandered off to Irish pubs to enjoy a night of drinking and Irish music. Your blogger, on the other hand, returned home to continue working on job applications (and to write this post, of course).

So please enjoy your St Patrick’s Day and may you bless one another!

Ring: Sterling silver Claddagh ring with false emerald from garage sale // Dress: Boden’s Blackwatch wool circle dress (full photo of dress to come)

Claddagh Ring

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