The Best Eyelash Curler

Thank goodness for eyelash curlers, especially for those of us with straight lashes! However, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with eyelash curlers. More often than never, I’d accidentally clip my skin (ouch!) which then put me off these curlers for months before I’d turn to them again. Secondly, they were always rather awkward to pack in makeup bags, with the easel doing splits all the time. Lastly, I didn’t find that my lashes would stay curled all day. In fact, I was lucky if it stayed for half a day.

I’ve tried electric eyelash curlers (shaped like a pen with a heated brush) and while they are quite effective, I find them time-consuming, especially when waiting for the brush to become warm. Plus, once the battery inside died, I couldn’t be bothered to replace them. (See how lazy I am?)

I discovered Japonesque’s Go Curl Eyelash Curler by chance while browsing one day. It was the design that caught my eye. This was small, sleek, and compact, and looked very light. Further research showed that many users of this curler (mostly those with straight lashes) swore by the efficacy of this curler. As this curler was less than C$9, I was sold on the product.


This comes in pink or black 

When I received my curler, I immediately tested it on my lashes. Not only was this easy to use, I found that my lids were less likley to get caught (that said, do be careful as it can still happen) between the white pad and pink ‘pincher’. Furthermore, despite how delicate the curler looked, I didn’t have to pinch very hard to produce the curl I desired. I was even more impressed when I noticed that my lashes were still curled at the end of the day. Even with the weight of mascara on the lashes, this curler has proven that it can produce long-lasting curls.

Japonesque’s Go Curl includes an extra pad tucked inside the curler though I’m still unsure as to how often these pads need to be replaced. Does anyone know? Is it every 3 months for sanitary reasons? I suppose if I learn that I’m supposed to change the pads as often as possible, then the free refills offer (‘free refills available for the life of the curler’ I assume means unlimited refills) from Japonesque makes this curler the best deal out there. Sephora and some nameless brands carry the same sleek eyelash curler in different colours with prices ranging from C$4-10. I don’t believe they come with unlimited refills, however.

Really, ladies (and gents), look no further. This is the only eyelash curler you’ll ever need. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned curlers of the past!

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