Why You Should Celebrate Your Birthdays

When we were little, we looked forward to our birthdays as much as we did Christmas (or a similar holiday). Once a year, we were the centre of attention, surrounded by friends and family, spoiled with presents and all our favourite treats. We looked forward to becoming one year older and couldn’t wait for our future plans to come to pass. Yet as we grew older, the thought of aging became associated with shame rather than pride. So here are some things to think about all the reasons you should celebrate every second, every day, and every year of your life (please note, all of these will be very uncomfortable to read):

Before you were born…

You could have been miscarried. Aborted. Stillborn.

After you were born…

You could have had SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome. Become terminally ill. Been shot due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Been murdered. Committed suicide. Had a fatal accident. A fatal accident whilst travelling. Died from natural disasters. (And the list goes on…)

All these tragic examples remind us that life truly cannot be taken for granted, whether we live in better times or safer places. Anything can happen. The news and stories from those we know shake our little lives daily.

So hug and kiss your loved ones. Tell those dear to you how much they mean to you. Share your wisdom and experiences. Smile and laugh more. Cry when you must. Lift your chin up and carry on.

And most importantly,

celebrate life. For every day is a miracle.

Happy Birthday Prince George and all the babies born on 22 July 2013! Congratulations to everyone – you survived another year!

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