Review: TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Collection

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Last month, I read Beauty and the Blog’s review on TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Collection. Prior to reading her review, I happened to watch a vlogger’s tutorial/review on the collection. Seeing is believing, they say, and I was impressed to see how glossy the vlogger’s hair was after the in-home treatment. Conveniently, London Drugs (a Canadian West Coast drugstore) was having a sale on TRESemmé products so I was able to buy the shampoo and conditioner for C$3.99 each. The treatment was not on sale at C$7.99. Altogether, I paid C$17.89, taxes included.


Unlike TRESemmé’s ‘regular’ Keratin Smooth collection (keeps hair de-frizzed for up to 48 hours), the 7 Day Keratin Smooth will keep hair looking salon-smooth and -glossy for up to 7 days, even between washes. Although I have naturally straight hair, I have a head full of stray bird-hair (the ones that like to stand on end). I wanted tamed hair and preferably, glossy.

After washing with the shampoo and conditioner, I didn’t notice anything different. I thought the conditioner looked odd since it looked a little chunky. Otherwise, it detangled my hair and was easy to rinse out. Next, after towel-drying my hair, I used the heat activated treatment. The instructions on the bottle recommends 8-10 pumps. I felt that 6-8 was plenty for my hair. (Anymore, by the way, would have made my hair feel very heavy.) I chose not to section my hair because that would take hours so I applied it like I would with a leave-in conditioner, avoiding the scalp, and combed through my hair with my fingers. I then blew-dry (or is it blow-dried?) my hair before using a Panasonic mini hair straightener.

This was the result (the ‘after’ photo):


I know it’s not a very clear photo as it was taken with my iPhone, but you can see that it is shinier and straighter (though probably not salon-approved). I think my hair straightener does not get hot enough so it was rather difficult to straighten my hair. For an in-home Keratin system, TRESemmé’s new collection is impressive. Since I don’t regularly straighten my hair, I found this process a little time-consuming. I now use the heat activated treatment once a week as a leave-in conditioner before blow-drying my hair. While it does not completely tame my stray hairs, it does keep my hair straighter.*

In the meantime, anyone want to recommend a good and affordable hair straightener? Or perhaps lend me one? 🙂

*August 2014: The more I used the trio, I have found that my hair is becoming straighter.

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2 thoughts on “Review: TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Collection

  1. Hello, did you perhaps notice your hair breaking off and falling out after using the system? I too used the shampoo, conditioner and serum to only be left with half of my hair broken off about 4″ from my scalp!! I attached a picture of the hair left in my drain after a single shampoo and conditioner!! The hair that I have left is so incredibly damaged, uneven and thin I am forced to go get my waist-length hair cut to a shoulder-length bob.

    • Oh my goodness! No, I did not experience that problem. (Mind you, my hair falls out every time I wash my hair but that’s due to my own health issues.) I am sorry to hear you had to cut so much of your hair! I stopped using the trio around August/September because I didn’t want straight hair anymore.

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