Review: Mademoiselle en Boîte (April 2014)

I thought I was done with beauty boxes until I visited My Little Paris‘ website again two months ago and found out that they now have their own subscription boxes known as My Little Box. Unfortunately, they do not currently ship worldwide so I shall have to wait until I move to France in the near future. Curious to see if there were new unique subscription boxes, I started to search on Google for subscription boxes that ship to Canada and found out about Mademoiselle en Boîte from Quebec, founded by Christine and Sihem! The website is entirely in French so I was quite thankful that I can read it (though I can hardly write, let alone speak it!). The subscription box is C$24.95 (including shipping and taxes) per month and, as of 1 June, there is currently a waiting list.

When I saw my bright pink box at the front door last month, I rushed to my room, grabbed a pair of scissors, and opened up the package within 5 minutes. I really wasn’t sure what to expect except a box of samples like the other subscription beauty boxes. What I found was four full-sized items. I was elated!

This 12th edition box happened to be the 1 year anniversary box. I’m not sure if they usually send full-sized products but based on what I’d read on the card (below), it’s clear that the team at Mademoiselle en Boîte take their subscribers’ reviews, comments, and suggestions very seriously.


The card inside the box


  1. Skinenvy – Smoothing Spray Lotion: I’ve mentioned before that when I have to shave or wax my legs, I usually end up with rashes. The only lotion that could keep my legs hydrated and not sting as much was Cetaphil. Even then, it would sting a little on shaved legs before calming down. Based on the lotion’s description, it seemed as if this lotion was for people with legs like mine. So after a quick shave, I sprayed this lotion four times on my legs. It comes out as lotion, rather than a misty spray, and I noticed immediately that my legs were not reacting negatively to it as I massaged the lotion into my legs. My legs were instantly smooth and hydrated without any rashes or pain. This is the after-shave lotion I’ve been looking for. THANK YOU / MERCI!
  2. Skinenvy – Soothing Cream: I suppose this balm is for the times when you’ve accidentally cut yourself shaving or have a very bad reaction to a wax job. This balm is for irritations, burns, cuts, and any other ‘minor’ skin problems. I was going to apply this on my legs if Smoothing Spray Lotion didn’t work out on me but I didn’t need to and so far, I haven’t had any cuts or rashes. I squeezed out just a little bit of cream on shaved legs and found that my skin was a little sensitive to the cream but did not leave any red bumps. Nevertheless, this is still a handy product to have for any skin emergencies so I’m sure I’ll be needing it at some point this summer.

  3. OpielaHydra-Regenerating Care Gloves: An interesting pair of gloves that will restore the epidermis when used for 30 minutes a day. Each pair of gloves have 20-40 uses. I’ve only worn them twice so far and over 6-8 hours because I was sleeping. These gloves already contain Vitamin E, Shea butter, and olive butter so there’s no need to apply hand lotion before slipping them on. Inside the gloves, there are printed flat ‘textures’ that probably help soften the hands or provide some grip. I suppose I would have to wear it every day for a month to see if I notice any positive changes.

  4. BellaPierre Super Lip Gloss: This lip gloss is made with natural ingredients and is meant to give you plump looking lips. It generally retails for around C$10. The colour I received is a hot pink lip gloss called Bubblegum and when I unscrewed the lid, I could immediately smell bubblegum. The picture on the website has a lighter pink than the one I received for some reason. I’m really not a Barbie-doll-pink person because it does not suit my skin colour. Since I didn’t apply it, I’ll see if someone wants to take it. If not, I’ll donate it to Beauty Night Society.

Overall, I was very pleased with my products. I felt I got my money’s worth and the chance to try some new brands. If you are Canadian and you can read French, I recommend you try subscribing!

P.S. I thought about attempting to translate this into French but my French is so terrible, it would take months. Je suis desolée! 😦

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