Scented Body Lotions

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I hope that wherever you are, you’re enjoying the spring weather – or hopefully a pleasant autumn. I thought I would recommend some scented body lotions and brands that I like in case you’d like to find a new ‘signature scent’.

My favourite scented body lotions

My favourite scented body lotions by ladyandtherose featuring Victoria’s Secret


L’Occitane is my favourite brand when it comes to fragrance and scented skin and hair care. The scents are usually more natural and not overpowering. (The exception is Rose 4 Reines – a blend of roses from Provence, Morocco, Bulgaria, and Turkey – as some may find that the roses has an old lady’s smell because it is fairly heavy. I don’t mind it at times.) My two favourite scented body lotions are Verbena and Cherry Blossom. The verbena has a more citrus-like scent and the cherry blossom has a sweet fruity and floral combination. Both lotions are just a little on the milky side but moisturising and the scent stays on throughout the day. I find these lotions a good alternative to wearing any sort of fragrance, including deodorant.

Tip: L’Occitane doesn’t usually go on sale but there are frequent promotions for gift with purchase.

Victoria’s Secret

I used to think Victoria’s Secret carried lingerie only but when I took a tour inside the flagship store in Vancouver, I realised that they also carried a whole line of scented products. At first, the packaging and mixture of scents reminded me of those from Bath & Body Works. There some that were far too sweet though the combinations sounded pleasing and others that were surprisingly delightful. There were also some that may have been pleasing at first but became unpleasant afterwards. Endless Love, for instance, has a blend of apple blossom and ylang ylang, as well as pomegranate and peach. It had just the right amount of fruity and floral at first but after I inhaled deeply, I found the scent far too sweet for my liking. After sniffing almost every lotion and body mist, I found three scents that I really liked. My favourite is Bombshell which is a combination of fruity and floral with passion fruit, Shangri-la peony, and vanilla orchid. Based on the description, I would not have thought that I would enjoy the scent but is just the balance I was looking for. The second scent that I enjoyed is Secret Charm, a floral blend of jasmine and honeysuckle. The lotion comes out light violet but does applies clear. The texture for Secret Charm is a little thick and the scent is fairly light. The third one that I liked is Aqua Kiss, a fresh blend of freesia and daisy. The latter two scents come in three types of lotions: body butter, body lotion, and hand & body lotion. I’m told that the body butters are more moisturising. I went for the hand & body lotions for the packaging and the convenience of using the lotions for my hands.

Tip: Wait for their sales and buy more for less (as low as $2-3).

Bath & Body Works

I have a confession to make: I’ve never tried the BBW body lotions. Many of the ones I’ve sniffed are usually too sweet or artificially scented that I end up moving to the candles section. The only two that I can suggest are the two that I’ve sniffed and liked, and also have the highest ratings: Cherry Blossom and Cucumber Melon. The latter is always a good choice as it’s a good mix of fresh and sweet.

Tip: Wait for their sales and buy more for less (as low as $2-3) or when it’s half off.

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