Happy 3rd Blogiversary + Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Yesterday, on Monday, 28 April, I received another trophy from WordPress.com, congratulating me on registering an account 3 years ago. What is strange to me is that I received a trophy last year congratulating me on the 29th. This is the sad truth: I don’t have the exact anniversary date of my blog.

You can read about my indecisive blogging history below.

The History of My Personal Blog (now known as The Lady and the Rose)

  • 2004?-2011 – Prior to joining WordPress, I switched from Xanga to LiveJournal to Blogspot to Weebly. Everyone who knew me in real life must have found it hard to remember all the blogs I had.
  • 2011
    • Sometime in 2011, I joined WordPress. The earliest email record I have is from 27 March, requesting confirmation to delete another WP blog I had created. So I must have had my first WP account between January-February 2011.
    • I have a vague memory of having my first post on my new WP blog (probably known then as Rose of Europe) on recycling in Germany. The post dates to 2 April 2011. If that was not my first, then it would be the Guardians of Royal Love on 4 April. I am very certain, on the other hand, that my ‘Where are you from?‘ post from 5 April was on the new WP blog.
    • WP claims that my current WP.com account was created on 28/29 April 2011 (I was in Germany so it could have been the 29th). I may have created a new account because I needed a different username… then transferred the WP blog to the new account.
      • P.S. Royal bloggers will know that 29 April 2011 was the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I’m certain I blogged on LJ (post since deleted).
  • 2012 – My WP blog changed names quite a few times during the last three years. The Lady and the Rose was originally known as roseofeurope or [The] Rose of Europe. RoE went public in June and I became an active WP blogger on 5 June 2012, starting with the Diamond Jubilee. By 4 June 2012, I had amalgamated all my blogs (a personal blog on LJ and a recommendations blog on Blogspot) to WP.
  • June 2013 – Sometime in mid-late June 2013, the Rose of Europe was rebranded as The Lady and the Rose, with a new WP username for consistency.
  • 11 February 2014 – The Lady and the Rose finally had its own domain in February and made its public debut on 11 February. The WP.com blog is still online but is no longer updated for obvious reasons.

Blogiversary Giveaway

I’m hosting my very 1st blog giveaway! Granted, it’s not fancy or anything, but it’s a little present for one lucky follower (it’s FREE after all) that I hope she or he will enjoy. 🙂

I’ve selected and bought the gifts that match what my blog presents:

  • Something Canadian (and useful): 1) Maple leaf beer opener keychain and 2) Totem Pole wooden bookmark
  • Something for the face (beauty): Vichy Normaderm 3-in-1 Cleanser+Scrub+Mask sample
  • Something historical(ly used in beauty): 2 x Papier Poudré – Rose powdered paper booklets
  • Something fragrant: Villainess Ginger Snapped soap – for the body or for the dresser/wardrobe/closet
  • Something for skin care: COOLA Suncare Body SPF 30 Plant UV Sunscreen sample
  • Something to drink: 9 assorted tea: Stash liquorice spice tea, Stash chai green tea, Elma çayı apple tea
  • Something sweet (or because I like it): 1 pack of Ice Breakers Sours: apple, tangerine, watermelon

20140429-094341.jpgThis giveaway begins today, 29 April 2014, and ends on Tuesday, 27 May 2014. International entrants are welcome!

Good luck! x

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