Cherry Blossom Season


It’s my favourite time of year again when the pink and white cherry blossom trees around Vancouver are in bloom. Suddenly the city is not so grey or dull (the colours around town are quite limited and usually quite depressing) and everyone appears to be in finer spirits.

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Although these blossoms do not last for a long time (it probably won’t be long before some will turn into green- or red-leaved trees), here are some lovely products to keep the cherry blossoms ‘blooming’ in your home. 🙂

Cherry Blossom Mania


  • L’Occitane now has two cherry blossom collections: the original Cherry Blossom (Fleur de Cerisier) and the new Red Cherry (Cerisier Rouge). I personally prefer the original collection as it has just the right amount of fruity and floral, whereas the new collection is just a little heavy. The Cherry Blossom eau de toilette has freesia, cherry and lily of the valley, amber, and musk, whereas the Red Cherry has lemon, orange, blackcurrant, raspberry, and wild lily of the valley.
  • Bath & Body Works has the Japanese Cherry Blossom and Tokyo Petals collection. The Tokyo Petals has ice sake, cherry blossoms, and berries, whereas the Japanese Cherry Blossom has pear, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and sandalwood. I don’t think I could find the small Toyko Petals collection (candle and wallflower) at the store I visited but I did get a chance to smell the Japanese Cherry Blossom candle. I must not have cared for it enough to be tempted to buy it. Might have been too sweet?
  • TWG Tea came out with a 2014 limited edition of the Sakura! Sakura! green tea which I have no had the pleasure to try yet. I do have and love the Geisha Blossom green tea which has a blend of ‘ripe southern fruits’. If you get a chance to visit the Urban Tea Merchant during the Cherry Blossom Festival, you could try their Sakura afternoon tea service for $38. I’ve never tried the Sakura afternoon tea but I have heard that it is very popular. Any afternoon tea service at the UTM is superb, actually, so I’m certain you wouldn’t be disappointed.



Apparently, this could be a plum blossom tree…

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