My Favourite Candles

Earth Hour is this Saturday, 29 March 2014, from 8:30-9:30PM local time!

Remember to switch off your lights (and if you’d like to go further, unplug everything) for an hour as you enjoy this one evening without lights/electricity. Just like the good ol’ days. 😉 If you’ll be staying at home and are not planning to sleep during that time, you can light some candles and enjoy:

  • a game of cards (Crazy 8’s, Go Fish, etc.)
  • a board game (Monopoly, Scrabble, etc.)
  • play Pictionary or charades
  • a [late] candlelit dinner
  • (you might have to step out your door for this one) looking at the stars
  • posting your photos of your #momentofdarkness on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook
  • (see more ideas from BC Living)

If you’re looking for recommendations on scented candles, take a look below!

My Favourite Candles
  • Bath & Body Works – Paris Daydream: This is my favourite! The jar from 2013 has a more romantic image of Paris, with the Eiffel Tower to the left and one of the mid-19th Century buildings on the right. This is a blend of watery notes (what is that?), moss, and mandarin. Whenever I smell this, I pretend that I’m strolling through the city of light. The one I have has 3 wicks so it will last a very long time. I’ve had it for at least six months now (if not longer) and I’m not even halfway through the jar (albeit I don’t light it every day).
  • Yankee Candle – Fresh Cut Roses: I love the smell of roses – real roses. Fragrance roses (i.e. perfumes, bath products, etc.) always smell too heavy like a small perfumed grandmother’s room. This candle, however, smells exactly like fresh roses. Though the scent is light, I was surprised how fragrant it was because my bedroom now smells as if I have a dozen roses by my bed.
  • Bath & Body Works – Lilac Blossom: This has such a fresh scent, no wonder it is one of the top three fragrances at Bath & Body Works. The best way I can describe the scent is that it reminds me of springtime.
  • L’Occitane – Verbena: First of all, I love everything from L’Occitane’s verbena line. It has a citrus-like aroma. Instead of room spray, we use the verbena diffuser (the one with the sticks) in the bathroom to clear away (or mask) any unpleasant odours. We used to have the verbena candle in the living room but at 100g, the candle is too small and burned pretty quickly. I ended up mixing the remaining wax with what was left of my B&BW Island Colada candle. The result was just as pleasing. 🙂
  • Bath & Body Works – Island Colada (discontinued): It’s too bad this was discontinued because this was my first [personal] scented candle (from my friends). This scent reminded me of summer and tropical beverages. I don’t know what would be the closest replacement for Island Colada as anything ‘similar’ is far too sweet for my nose to bear (i.e. too unnatural).
  • TWG – Bain de Roses: I would love to have this candle if I could afford it. The TWG Bain de Roses tea is one of my favourites. It is somewhat similar to the Fresh Cut Roses but with more roses (that aren’t freshly cut). In other words, it’s not too fresh or light, and not too heavy.

What are your favourite candles or scents?

P.S. The two candle holders at the top right of the Polyvore picture are from Bath & Body Works. Are they not very pretty? I saw a miniature candle holder with a glass cover (like the one in Beauty & the Beast) too but can’t seem to find it online.

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