How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Or: How to Survive Valentine’s Day)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know many of you hate the holiday because the constant sight of lovey-dovey couples is revolting and a constant reminder that you are miserably alone on this wintery (or summery) day.

However, Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. There are plenty of things you can do to survive this pink-and-red-hearts day and I hope you’ll start to enjoy this holiday as much as I do. 🙂

  1. (Canada only?) Attend a Women’s Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women on 14 February. Let us never forget the women who were or are victims of violence. You can check this national list for a march happening in your city.
  2. Buy sweets/chocolates. Just because there isn’t a significant other surprising you with a box of chocolates doesn’t mean you have to suffer. I always bought myself sweets. My favourite ones are the hearts with words.
  3. Buy a rose or a bouquet. You can tell by my blog name that roses are my favourite flowers. I would always buy myself a red rose whenever Valentine’s day or week came around. They may not last very long but they can brighten up a place.
    *If you’re in Vancouver, Whole Foods has a $20 for 20 roses promotion. Now you can share them too!
  4. Watch romance comedies or period dramas. I always preferred love stories in films and fiction over real-life ones. Everything is so much better. 😉 Some of my favourites are:
    -Bridget Jones’s Diary
    – Northanger Abbey
    – Pride & Prejudice
    – Young Victoria
  5. (For Vancouver) Try a special hot chocolate from the Hot Chocolate Festival which ends on the 14th. Nothing like hot chocolate to warm the body.
  6. Spend some quality time with your pets. They’re the ones showering you with undying love and should get a day dedicated to them. Plus, they’re great stress-relievers. If you don’t have any pets, find some cute animal videos on YouTube.
  7. Do something nice for a friend, a sibling, or a stranger. This could be writing a card, or giving sweets or roses. Something to make the other smile and know that they’re loved. 🙂 Don’t forget your parents!

Just remember: whatever you do, you cannot make yourself miserable. It’s just one day and tomorrow is another day. Even if you’re feeling absolutely awful, know that you are always loved.

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