Review: L’Oréal Volume Collagen Hair Set*

(This post is written for The Glosse Posse.)

Two weeks ago, I received a package with L’Oreal’s VC shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray in full sizes by courier. I had completely forgotten that I had agreed to participate in a study to test the products from L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Volume Collagen line earlier last month. The study required that I test the products right away for about two weeks or until I received the survey link. I did as told and saw results on the first day. Read below to see what I thought of the products!

My hair:

  • Straight
  • Flat

What I need:

  • Weightless volume
  • Shine


  • Lathers very quickly. In my case, a quarter (coin)-sized amount is enough to cover the entire head.
  • Rinses out pretty quickly


  • In my case, a quarter-sized amount should be enough to cover the ends.
  • Quickly detangles hair
  • Hair feels a little too soapy like I need to keep rinsing

Leave-in Spray:

  • Sprays on wet or dry hair
  • Immediately gives weightless volume on dry hair (especially if sprayed on roots)
  • Works as a good detangler

It’s hard to tell how well a product works after washing one’s hair. At first, I thought it was like any other drugstore shampoo or conditioner. My hair has maintained a nice shine for a while (when wet) so I couldn’t tell if the products had worked or not.


After blow drying my hair with my head down, I could tell that I suddenly had a lot more volume. It was as if I’d grown more hair without the weight. The only issue is that even my baby hairs were standing on end but that usually happens and I quickly tamed them with my Kerastase hairspray. (At the same time, I can’t remember if hair becomes voluminous when it’s blow dried with the head down.)

I did notice that it seems to hold waves from a hair bun quite well with the volume for at least a a day or two. Since my hair is naturally straight, I was impressed that my hair could hold the waves from a hair bun for a day or two. Usually, the waves would straighten itself by the end of the day, leaving only a curved end, if at all.


For the first two washes, I felt that every second day was fine. After a few washes this past week, I noticed that my hair would need to be washed every day or else it would smell unwashed and feel slightly greasy.

Would I buy this?

Although I have been trying to switch to healthier ways of washing my hair, I have to admit that using VC’s shampoo and conditioner have been very convenient and fast. It’s great for quick hair washes in the morning when I need to rush whereas washing one’s hair with ACV or baking soda or coconut oil requires at least 15 minutes of waiting and are therefore better for evenings. Furthermore, washing with ACV can make your hair smell overpowering. Quite embarrassing, actually. 😦 Otherwise, for the time being, I think my other shampoos and conditioners work just as well for my hair.

Out of the three products, I would consider buying the Body Boost Root Lifting Spray though for its ability to amplify flat hair!

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