Review: Egg white facial soap

(This post was written for The Glosse Posse.)

During my visit to Nikaido Gifts in Steveston, BC, I found a miniature soap (15g) from Sweden near the cashier. It was egg white facial soap from Sweden, known as Lanolin-Ägg-Tvål by Victoria. Victoria Scandinavian Soap company was founded in 1905 although it did not begin producing soaps until 1914. It has held a Royal Warrant from the Swedish Court since 1924.

The egg white facial soap comes from the long tradition by Swedish women of homemade facial masks of glycerin, rose water, and egg whites. In addition to the above, this pink soap also contains lanolin. The soap is meant to cleanse the pores in order to bring out a radiant complexion.

Nikaido sold the 15g soaps for 99 cents and the 50g soaps for $4.95. Not wanting to fully commit to a new soap, I decided that 15g would be enough. It is very gentle and can be used in the mornings and evenings. I have found that this soap take a little longer to wash off because it feels as if there are fresh egg whites on my face. Once I no longer feel the slipperiness on my face, I know that my face is clean.

It is recommended that once you’ve lathered your face with the soap, gently massage your face before leaving the foam to dry for 5 minutes (or however long it takes to dry). It will feel no different than if you had egg whites on your face (though this soap saves you the time and mess of using an egg).  Rinse your face with warm water, then with cold water. This allows your pores to open, remove the impurities, and close the pores. You’ll notice that your pores are smaller and your face ‘whiter’ (or lighter, brighter).

As mentioned above, this soap saves you the hassle of using fresh egg whites every day on your face. I am not sure how available these soaps are in different countries so you might have to contact the company for more information.

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7 thoughts on “Review: Egg white facial soap

  1. this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of leaving the lathered soap to dry on your face. I can feel whatever active ingredient burrowing down into my pores. Washing it off dry also gives a gentle exfoliation.

    Neat how advice keeps reoccurring, huh?

    • Interesting! I really like this soap I’ve been trying. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to go through the procedure in the morning, especially if I’m rushing off to work! Still makes my skin nice and clean. 🙂

      • After reading many of your skin care reviews, I can tell you have a complexion that would provoke jealousy on my part!

        I’m obsessed with make-up, not the least reason being to even out my skin tone!

      • About that….
        I did have a lovely complexion last year. Then October happened and I’m still recovering! ;( My right cheeks are still fighting the scars from acne and there are two little bumps that are stubbornly refusing to go away. I see improvements everyday, so that’s a relief.

        I think I’ve become addicted to mascaras. It used to be lip balms and lip sticks but now I have a bag full of mascaras…. and I have my eyes on another one!

      • I am the marchioness of mascara, I swear! I’m always checking out the next product. I know you won’t believe me but the Mabeliene brand “Falsies” (comes in a purple & black tube) rivals any department store brand. Long, fanned out lashes in one application!) That’s not to say I don’t have a tube of Mac in my make-up bag…or a Rimmel. (I wonder if mascara overdose is a medical condition?)

        Also vis-a-vis your acne scars, what are you doing for yours? I feel like I’ve tried everything. I’d love your advice!

      • If you are the marchioness of mascara, then what am I? I am so many mascaras that take turns to grace my lashes. Many of them have been discarded though not banished from the court of eyes. I really shouldn’t buy a new one without finishing the others but I can’t help it.
        I have the Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes because the mascara duo is perfect for my top and bottom lashes. However, it is not smudge proof so I use the mascara for my lower lashes only.

        My newest and most favoured mascara will be reviewed tomorrow morning. I am very happy with it but I know I’ll always be looking for new mascaras. This is ridiculous! What’s wrong with me?

        As for my acne scars, I’ve been applying these 4:
        – Le Roche-Posay Effeclar Duo or Vichy Normaderm lotion
        – Vichy ProEVEN Dark Spot Corrector
        – a natural ‘homemade’ pale acne scar treatment made by a Traditonal Chinese Medicine doctor
        – Dermalogica Extreme C whitening powder

        Once a week, I’ll exfoliate my skin and put on a whitening mask. I am noticing some improvement but it’s taking a very long time…

        Most important thing to do is to make sure the skin is protected from the sun – so put some sunscreen on the face! 😉

      • Oh dear! I usually bend over backwards for Vichy & La Roche but both Normaderm and Effeclar did nothing for my acne! If anything it may be too strong and my skin too sensitive. Are you putting the other products only on the scarring or all over?

        I know the sunscreen thing is important, but I just wish this stuff worked faster. Where does one come across a whitening mask?

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