Inner Beauty: Beautiful Eyes

(This post was written for The Glosse Posse.)

As Christmas fast approaches, I’d like to focus on inner beauty this month. This week, I take my inspiration from one line from the ‘Time Tested Beauty‘ poem by American humorist, Sam Levenson (though it is often misquoted as Audrey Hepburn’s):

“For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.”

We are too accustomed to seeing the negative parts in everyone that we end up making ourselves even more miserable. It’s an infectious habit of not thinking before voicing our thoughts. We think that by pointing out someone’s flaws, we will feel better about our good qualities. Instead, I think it makes us worse than those whom we criticise.

Let us focus instead on seeing the good traits in others. We must learn to see past appearances and different styles, and find beauty in everyone. After all, is that not what accentuates the beauty of icons such as Audrey Hepburn; Diana, Princess of Wales; and the Duchess of Cambridge?

This is what I believe makes a glosse girl beautiful.

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